Microgaming Launched SunTide Mobile Slot

February 28, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

suntide-slot-logoThe folks in Microgaming have released their new creation Suntide Game. This game tries to resemble the atmosphere of a sunset in the beach with the background of the screen being a beautiful and profound orange.

It brings tranquil and calmness to the game, like you were on a boat in a peaceful and quiet sea. This British based company has made a lot of games since they started in the early 90s and this seems like a sequel of Summertime.

They have chosen tropical and rare fruits like watermelons, cherries, lemons, strawberries and oranges to be the symbols in this game. The perfect escort for the sunset theme (and a hot day at the beach as well)
There aren’t any multipliers or bonuses, but in this 5X3 reel online slot machine you could get free spins. If you find 3 scattered symbols then you are on your way to a free spin. Your chances may increase but without any real interaction with the game.

What We Love

The first thing that comes into my mind is the layout, beautiful done and with precious details throughout your screen. Microgaming is well known for this good-looking and stunning designs and themes and in this game is not the exception. The music is good asset and is impeccably combined with the layout and the concept within the game.

I really love when a developer tries to make different and cool symbols, in this case you will find several Caribbean fruits with a fun design and they are the perfect and ultimate match with his title.
What we do not love

I found it really odd that Microgaming did not design any multiplier for this game, but is a definite bummer. It leaves me with very few ways of making a massive win, which at the end is what we are looking for.

suntide slot screenshot 1

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It is tremendously disappointing that a brand that has innovation embedded in their DNA didn’t make an effort to make something new or different.

It doesn’t have any special features to rely on and it seems as a sequel of Summertime, another title by the same company. This is just a classic and normal game, the only difference with the competition is their colors and music.

It lacks of a real interaction with the game, this have been an issue for several online slot machine companies that haven’t understood the importance of making things a lot more dynamic and the new players are demanding this rapid changes in the industry, they don’t like monotonous and boring games.

Worth Playing?

If you are the type of player that still likes the fact of pressing a spin button and waits for everything to be made automatically, perhaps this is the game for you. You will be enjoying the embellished experience of a classic slot machine game.

But, for most people out there that have been looking for the next big thing to come and with the desire of including new and enhanced ways to play the classic slot machine games this is for you. In my opinion, it has been a horrendous lecture of the market. In a red ocean full of games, I need to find what is different from the rest and the things that I love being utilized in a proper way.

Microgaming just delivered more from the same thing, it lacks the sole thing, besides authenticity and quality, that we are demanding from brands and even more importantly in video games; interaction. We want to get involved in everything, even more in what we are playing.

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