Android Casinos – The best mobile casinos
Android Mobile Casino In this, the age of mobile technology made reality, gamers and gamblers alike are becoming far more demanding in terms of what we want in our gaming experience. We are asking for more accessibility, more connectivity and more mobility all the time. So it was that the online casinos rejoiced at the birth of smartphones and tablets as the medium has finally arrived to bring these demands to fruition.

It was not long before the first Android casinos were developed and presented to the public. Due to Android’s open source nature, online casino everywhere began developing mobile Android casino applications immediately for players to game with real money and have a chance at winning real jackpots no matter where they were.

To this day, Android casinos seem to be one of the top choices on online mobile casino gaming platforms and continue to develop, innovate and break new ground in an attempt to provide unparalleled and exciting gaming experiences on the move.

Best Android Casinos to Play:

  1. VegasParadise.comthey simply have the most popular and best casino games, huge selection of slots for Android tablet’s and mobiles, including Microsoft and Netent mobile games
  2. GamingClub – also a great place to play but they don’t take UK Players.

What is Android?
There are many different types of smartphones and tablets, mostly divided by their operating system. You have surely heard the terms iPhone, Windows Phone and Android phone before and today we will be talking about Android casinos, but what is Android?

Android is a Linux-based and it is a operating system designed specifically for touch screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The Android operating system was initially developed by a company called Android, but was bought out by Google in 2005. Google now own the rights and continues to develop the Android OS and so it was that Android was announced the same year that the iPhone was released. Later the next year in 2008, the first Android phone was released to the general public.

Android phones were a hit overnight and a huge community of developers sprung up designing their own apps for use on the Android platform. Counted amongst these were the online casinos that saw an opportunity to provide the features that their player base was demanding, the aforementioned connectivity and mobility. But along with these also came the spectacular touch screen features which only enhanced the gaming experience for us, making Android phones and later their tablets as well, one of the top chosen platforms for mobile gaming.

Almost all online casinos that offer a mobile variant of their software can now be accessed using android phones and tablets. Like the iPhone, Android has the same functionalities, such as multi touch screens, app stores and internet connectivity, making it a direct competitor with Apple’s iPhone and iPad for mobile gaming.

How to begin playing at an Android casino
Choose wisely – There are many Android casinos to choose from and it would be advised that you do a little research before choosing the right one for you. My suggestion would be to choose from an already well-established online casino as they will almost definitely have an Android casino variant you can play on. This also means that you will most likely have the opportunity to take part in their more generous sign up offers.
Download – Go directly to their website using your Android phone and download the software directly from there. It will install automatically on your phone in a matter of minutes. You will need to be online to do this.
Register – Like with any online casino, electronic payment system or online bank, you will need to register an account with the Android casino, provide your details and financial info for transactions. This is perfectly safe with the right Android casino as they have very stringent security measures.

Deposit and claim sign up offer – Once you have made your first deposit, you can use the app to claim your sign up offer. Don’t forget this step as free money can go a long way to winning that jackpot.
Play and win – Now you can play for real money, anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Withdraw – Once you have won your millions and it’s time to cash-in, you can withdraw your funds using the Android casino’s cashier system within their app. You will be able to choose your own payment method and within no time at all, your money will be paid back to you.

Some may argue that Android is the best mobile operating system, but regardless of whether this is true or not, Android casinos are definitely one of the best methods in which to play your favourite games on the move!