Zombie Apocalypse is Near with Lost Vegas Slot by Microgaming

September 10, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

lost-vegas-slot-logoEnd of the world and extinction of human species have been a vastly popular subject in various aspect of popular culture during recent years and Microgaming have decided to jump on the bandwagon with their latest Lost Vegas video slot.

Cleverly conceived title of the game is providing us with a brilliant pun referring to Las Vegas which got lost from the hands of people and infected by flash eating zombies.

Brand new 5-reel and 243 different ways to win will be released in October and we must say that there is every reason to be excited over this two-mode slot, which is filled with plenty of apocalyptic action that is bound to have a huge audience and big fan base.

What We Love

These articles are meant to be non-biased reviews, but we can’t resist the urge to start this section by telling you how much we admire the Zombies theme. The alternative reality, but an apocalyptic one, which is becoming more and more plausible thanks to our environmental and health negligence should be perceived as a warning sign for humanity.

Not that Microgaming created the Lost Vegas as a way to raise the awareness, but still. Albeit a dark comedy game, the Lost Vegas deals with a subject that has been universally accepted and lover over the past few years in particular.

Off from the topic and on to the graphical aspects of the game, Lost Vegas is presented through darkly lit cartoon-like graphics which offer animated snippets which only add to its visual appeal. The soundtrack is a fitting addition to overall impression and it complements the game perfectly.


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We love it that Lost Vegas is the two-mode game which will present you with a choice right from the start. You can choose to play Survivor mode and Zombie mode, so all of you who are not too keen on flash eating dead people can always go for the first option.

Both modes have plenty to offer with different Free Spin Bonuses which reward you with Stash Feature and Infected Reels, respectively. Stash Feature comes with Rolling Reels and low paying symbols disappearing with cash added to your tally in the Survivor Mode, while stacked Zombies will infect your reels and make Wilds expand to increase your winning potential in the second mode.

What We Do Not Like

Filling this section of the news article would have been much easier if we actually got the chance to try the game. This way, with a promo video and a couple of inside information regarding the Lost Vegas slot game we are not sure if there is anything negative we could highlight about it.

Free Spins are everybody’s favourite option in a slot game and Microgaming have done well to incorporate it dually. They might have opted to add a multiplier here or there for instance, which would be a great addition to the game.

Worth Playing

Lost Vegas could arguably go on to become our favourite game this year. Huge suckers for apocalypse subject as we are, we can’t wait for October and Microgaming to officially present their latest title.

There are plenty of reasons to feel excited about this game, starting from its relative affordability, from 20 to 50 free spins, random cash prizes, Rolling and Infected Reels and overall great visual appeal that make this game great from top to bottom.

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