Yggdrasil Launched Incinerator Mobile Slot

February 11, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

incinerator-slot-logoThis new release by Yggdrasil Gaming will immerse you in a futuristic world right from the start, in this sort of dystopic future your job will be to tackle one of humanity’s biggest threats: the incredible amount of wastes it generated through the years that were not properly managed, your job will be to dispose as much of it as you possibly can using your Incinerator. Things must have gotten really bad if the best option was to create a gigantic machine to burn these piles of waste.

The design of the theme is spot on and the animations are literally out of this world, setting things on fire is usually a reprimandable thing, but in this game you can do it for a profit. Incinerator does not offer a lot of options regarding game-play, in fact all you can do is set the details of your bet and spin the reels, the developers included a couple of features with their own impressive animations to make up for the repetitiveness of the game.

What We Love

As I mentioned before the first thing that will capture your attention will be the aesthetics of Incinerator, Yggdrasil Gaming came up with their own original set of symbols to replace the usual 9, 10, J, Q, and A cards, all of this new symbols represent the waste you are going to dispose during the game. The developers really dedicated a lot of time on this aspect of the game.

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All three features included in the game are pretty neat, the first one is an entirely original idea developed for Incinerator, every time you get a combination the symbols you used will let the incinerator serve its purpose, those symbols and every other that match their type and were available on the reels will be burned to a crisp, freeing up space for new symbols to come in and take their place giving you the chance to use them in new combinations.

The one common feature presented in Incinerator is the wild symbol, they work much like a blank Scrabble piece; mimicking the symbols closest to it to create a win. There is a particularly cool way to obtain this symbols apart from a regular spin, and that is the third feature, called Wild Pattern, on the left side of your screen you will see a small representation of the 6×3 set of reels of Incinerator, in it different set of patterns will be displayed, if you get the same symbol on the highlighted patterns all of them will become wilds.

What We Do Not Love

I found the return to be small compared to other games in the market, even if the RTP is set at 96% you will need to play a lot of times to see some big wins.

Worth Playing?

This is not a game that all players would enjoy, it depends on what are the things they like the most about a video slot, if you play them to enjoy a visual experience and to try new features then Incinerator is the game for you, but in the other hand, if you like video slots because they offer the chance to win some money then I would suggest other options on the market that are more profitable.

Yggdrasil Gaming have become a very respected brand in the online casino community, if you have never played a game developed by them Incinerator will show you what they can accomplish by combining exciting themes with very creative new features, other good games by this developer you should try are Draglings, Magic Mushrooms and Nirvana.

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