Yggdrasil Launched Doubles Mobile Slot

November 8, 2015 Posted in New Games by No Comments

doubles-slot-logoThe problem with many mobile slots these days is that they often a series of pre-set rules that relate to how bonuses work. The Doubles slot from Yggdrasil is different though. This iPhone, Android and iPad slot features a setup where a player can actually choose whatever particular symbol one wants to use during a special free spin round. This in turn gives the player more control over how much money a player can possibly win here.

About the Game

This game uses a standard 243-way payout setup while using a design where players can win more money off of three or more symbols organized from left to right. The symbols here include a series of traditional symbols that feature fruit and diamond designs. These are symbols that have standard appearances but there is one huge thing that makes them different.

The biggest point here is that a player will get a chance to win with doubled symbols around the place. The doubled symbols on this game can appear at random. These work in that a winning spin will have one extra symbol on it. For instance, a line of three of the same symbol with two of those symbols doubled will be worth five symbols, thus adding to the payout one gets.

This is all paired with a series of free spins that players can win. A player can get up to forty free spins although the total will vary based on how many one gets. A player can get three or more free spins symbols in order to get these special symbols.

Doubles slot screenshot

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Bonus Parts

The most noteworthy bonus on this iPhone and Android slot comes from the special double feature that comes in the free spin round. At the start of the round, the player will get a choice as to which particular symbol will be doubled all around during the entire free spin round. A player can choose any symbol although some symbols that will pay out more will not be as likely to show up as others. Still, this gives the player on this Android and iPhone slot a little more control over what can be chosen while playing.

How It Compares

This game could be compared with other games that have doubled symbols like the Pacific Paradise mobile slot. However, the Doubles slot has a very different style thanks to how it gives the player an option as to what one can choose when getting a particular doubled symbol going, thus adding to the freedom the player will get out of the game.

Where to Play

Players can check out the Doubles mobile slot from Yggdrasil Gaming at the Vegas Paradise Casino and the Guts Casino. These are both casinos that have a series of great mobile slots including many others from Yggdrasil. These two casinos also feature a variety of payout options thanks to all these games.

The Guts Casino particularly has a $100 bonus on first deposits alongside 25 free spins. The Vegas Paradis Casino has a 100% welcome bonus plus up to 10 free spins on first deposits.