Yggdrasil Gaming Launched Golden Fish Tank Mobile Slot

February 15, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

golden-fish-tank-slot-logoThe emerging company Yggdrasil Gaming has a large history of releasing great games to the market with incredibly original themes and exciting special features and included minigames. This time the expectations were dropped dead as they release yet another Fish Tank themed game giving an unpleasant surprise.

The developers of the game seem to have been more focused on the visual design of the title than the actual game and even so the symbols in the reels are rather cartoonish and poor. The fish tank theme has been surprisingly recurring in the market of the video slot machines making absolutely no sense, since it lacks of any excitement or engage. There is nothing exciting about fishing in a tank.

What We Love

Golden Fish Tank incorporate some of the very popular special features in the game. The first one to take in consideration is the Free Spins Bonus. Every time you combine at least three Free Spin Symbols on a spin the Free Spin Mode will be unlocked. The number of free spin rounds you can win increases with every extra free spin symbol you get combined. By getting 3 free symbols combined you will get 6 rounds. If you get 4 free symbols you will get 8 rounds, and if you hit 5 symbols, you will get a total of 10 free spins and 5 feature picks.

For every feature pick you get a reward by checking shells in the bottom of the tank. This is a minigame included in this titled. Some of the rewards from the bottom of the pond include extra free spins, multipliers on all wins, super stacked symbols, random wilds, fixed wilds and symbols that become wild.


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Your able to even quadruple your original wager since the developers did not set any limit in the amount of feature picks you get from the pond. The last special feature of the game is called the Golden Bet and this one can increase the maximum bet from 20 to 25 coins. Using the Golden Bet the higher the original was, the higher the bet will be increased. If you bet 40 coins, the bet can go up to 50.

What We Do Not Love

This game lacks of everything an exciting game should have. It doesn’t have an engaging theme, exciting special features, an appealing jackpot nor mesmerizing visuals.

People can get bored of this game easy and fast and even though Yggdrasil Gaming has other appealing titles that have been actually great, not only because of the theme selection, but because of the dynamic and consistent gameplays (Incinerator and Nirvana), Golden Fish Tank was not the case.

Worth Playing?

This game will only be recommended to the players who are looking for a traditional more simplistic perspective of the video slot machines.

The fish tank theme is boring from the moment it started being released, being so simple that there is not much to be done about it to make it exciting or original. Probably using a rather dynamic gameplay the result would have been any different, but even the RTP set at 96.8% you would have to play a significant amount of times to say “this was worth playing”.

The conclusion: There is an infinity of more exciting games in the market than this one placed at the bottom of the tank, so don’t bother wasting your time and money on this one thus it will not be worth.

The recommendation to the developers is to back to the roots, not to the basics.

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