Win Big on the Titans of the Sun: Theia Mobile Slot

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titans-of-the-sun-theia-slot-logoThe Titans of the Sun: Theia mobile slot is a new game from Microgaming that makes up the latest part of the Titans of the Sun series of video slots. This game has the same Greek mythology theme as the Titans of the Sun: Hyperion Android slot and comes with many of the same symbols like the silhouette symbol for the scatter piece.

The obvious difference is that the Greek goddess Theia is featured on this slot. However, there is much more to the game than this as the Theia game has a few different points that make it stand out among other Android and iPhone slot options.

About the Slot

Like with other Titans of the Sun games, the Theia game comes with fifteen lines on five reels. It also has a betting system that entails players going from one cent to two dollars on each line within the game.

The biggest part of this Theia game is that it has some special payout points that entail things like the Mystery Symbols, a feature where the player can get symbols to change to one particular symbol including a possible wild symbol. This adds to the player’s chances to get a good-sized win off of this game.

Also, the game has standard wild symbols and scatter symbols that lets players get fifteen free spins. Some other points should still be reviewed in this iPad slot as they will include some big payouts that can appear during the free spin round among other extras offered at this point.

titans of the sun theia slot screenshot

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Other Features

The other points on this iPhone and Android slot include the multiplier that appears on the bonus round. All wins on the free spin round are doubled. These include jackpot and non-jackpot payouts alike.

The Mystery Symbols feature will also expand during the free spin round. It will go from having just six symbols to seven, thus adding to the chances for a player to get a better win on this slot.

How it Compares

This game has a few differences from the Hyperion game. The Theia game does not have a retrigger feature on the free spins. Also, it does not have the Mega Symbols feature that the Hyperion game has. However, the multiplier that appears on the bonus round is a unique feature that will give a player a better chance with getting a good payout when all is considered.

Where to Play

The Titans of the Sun: Theia game and others within the same series as well as other games from Microgaming are available for play at the Guts Casino and Vegas Paradise Casino. These are two casinos that have a number of ways for players to get some good payouts and will especially give them some big bonuses that feature free money on first deposits plus some free spins on assorted mobile slots. The Vegas Paradise Casino has 10 free spins and a 100% bonus while the Guts Casino, which also has its own sportsbook spot, has a $100 bonus with as many as 25 free spins to use.