Waiting to Save The World with Super Heroes Slot by Yggdrasil

October 9, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

super-heroes-slot-logoMeet the new and daring Super Heroes that are world’s last hope.

Attractive suits, cool equipment and mean-looking men and women are walking through what appears to be a spaceship, with the rocking soundtrack just to announce that we are in for tons of action with Tesla, Knox, Mirage, Raven, Trance and Hopper. Yggdrasil is playing a teasing game and they are pretty good at it.

After releasing a brief intro that only gives a hint of the action but still enough to see that the audio-visual feel of the game will be on par with animated box-office hits, they leave us on our tiptoes guessing what’s in store for us.

After such an announcement, we expect a game that will leave us speechless and with full pockets. Though most of the details about the game are still unrevealed we know that the Super Heroes will lavish the players with Extra Free Spins, Random and Stacked Wilds, Multipliers and Changing Symbols.

What We Love

We must admit that we were, immediately, won over by the intro which shows all the main characters preparing for a showdown with the bad guys. First you see only glimpses of them and their eye-catching suits and gadgets, but then all six of them appear on screen ready to beat any evil force that has come to rule the Earth.

The first one to appear is a tough red-bearded guy who seems to be the leader. Next to him there are two other men and three hot girls: a redhead, tall blue-haired beauty and feisty green-haired girl wearing a revealing green outfit.


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After this short trailer it is obvious that we are in for a thrilling super hero action that reminds of high-quality animated films. We can only imagine what animation stunts await on the reels.

We don’t know much about the game play but the official announcement mentions that each of the characters will contribute to your winning chances, be it in base game or with their super powers, that is, special features.

Yggdrasil’s slots are known to be brimming with special features, and as it seems Super Heroes will be no exception. Already we have a hint that players can hope for Mystery Wins, Extra Free Spins, Random Wilds, Changing Symbols and more.

There is also a mention of overlapping features, which means that the main game will be both dynamic and rewarding.

What We Do Not Like

Well, having this little information we cannot say if there is anything not to like in this slot. We will have to wait for the end of October for that.

We certainly hope that these announced features will live up to the expectation because we have seen slots from Yggdrasil that looked good in the preview but ended up disappointing like Big Blox Slot.

Honestly, we don’t see that happening with Super Heroes, but let’s not jump to conclusions before we take the newbie for a spin.

Worth Playing?

Judging by the trailer, Super Heroes Slot is definitely worth playing. Stunning 3D graphics and cinematic soundtrack make you wonder whether you are watching the next blockbuster movie or waiting to spin the reels. Still, we know better than to judge a book by its cover.

Such a good intro definitely sets high expectations. Whether they will be met remains to be seen on 24th October and we choose to stay reserved in our verdict until then.

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