The Joke’s on You with Magic Jester Slot by Novomatic

September 22, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

magic-jester-logoThe Jester or The Fool was the person whose job was to entertain the royalties at a medieval court so when you see a smiling face with a silly multi-coloured hat you expect lots of laughter and fun.

Too bad that won’t happen in this 5 reel 10 payline video slot brought to you by Novomatic. We hate to say it but there is nothing funny or amusing in this theme.

It is simply that we have seen sevens, bells and cherries too many times. Nevertheless Magic Jester does bring a twist to the game, by giving you the possibility to create combos of even 15 matching symbols. It does sound interesting, but we are yet to see if it is as profitable as it sounds.

What We Love

Honestly, Magic Jester is not much of a looker and the game features do not offer much. Still, it is not the only slot out there that relies on a single special feature.

In this case the feature is called Magic Reels and it, conveniently, appears during each and every spin. We really appreciate not having to wait for those shiny reels to come. The role of Magic Reels is to double or triple the high paying symbols: number seven, bell, cherry and watermelon.


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This means that there will be two or three symbols in the place of one. Hence the opportunity to see up to 15 matching symbols. The lowest combo comes down to 3 of a kind.

The maximum payout for fifteen of a kind returns your bet 80 times which equals to 800,000 coins. This happens if you manage to land 15 sevens or bells.

One thing that we particularly love about Novomatic’s slots is their Gamble feature. Magic Jester comes as no exception to this and also offers the option to double your winnings by picking a colour of the card or lose everything if you miss.

We have nothing to add here except maybe that the Fool himself appears as Wild symbol which can replace any other symbol if needed, but we can hardly call that a special feature.

What We Do Not Like

Well the list of things we don’t like could be quite long, so we will narrow it down to the main drawbacks of the game.

As we see it, the main drawback here is that Magic Reels feature simply makes no sense. On one hand it doubles or triples the number of symbols on the reels but it does not offer you anything else, such as stacked symbols, or free spins to benefit from.

This way you only have more symbols to play the same somewhat pointless game. Another thing is that you will wait a lifetime until you hit 15 of a kind and thus game’s jackpot.

Audio-visual impression is also one big downside of Magic Jester as it strikes us as a mixture of random symbols that have no connection with the theme.

Worth Playing?

What happened to Novomatic with this slot? We don’t see what was their aim with Magic Jester or was it only a prank of the Fool. In any case, even if you decide to turn a blind eye to the uninspiring imagery, there will be no features to keep you in the game.

If anything you will consider each spin a waste of time without any prospect of lucrative results. In short, you won’t miss anything if you don’t play this slot.

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