Test Your Virtue with Seven Sins Slot from Play’n GO

November 19, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

7-sinsBe advised and be careful, Play’n GO has created a highly tempting slot game which will be a huge test to your virtues. It is called Seven Sins and trust us it is as deadly as the vices in it.

Five reels, three rows and 243 ways to win are presented in superb graphics and feature a mesmerising soundtrack.

In addition to looking great, 7 Sins is a greatly engaging and exciting game which houses plenty of interesting features, which are there to reward you with whopping amounts.

Brace yourselves for quite an action-packed game we will do our best to present in a Pro et Contra style.

What We Love

Perhaps we’re just sinners to the core, but we fell in love with Play’n GO’s game as soon as we launched the screen. Who can blame us, really, with those seven good-looking ladies staring at us mesmerisingly?

We do understand that they indeed are the seven deadly sins representing pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and slot, but we can’t help ourselves.


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In the terms of graphics, Seven Sins is an impeccable creation presented in high-quality style. Play’n GO paid a great deal of attention to every detail, adding an incredibly enticing sounds as well. Overall, Seven Sins has all what it takes to draw you closer even before you actually hit the spin button. And once you do, you’re hooked.

Enchanting base game consists of Devil’s Sevens Wild symbols which on reels 2 and 4 appear as doubled – two symbols in one. So, instead of hoping to line up five in a row for great wins, you can expect 7 of a kind for even bigger payouts.
This is only the beginning as the game comes with everybody’s favourite Free Spins.

Three Pandora’s Box Scatters will reward you with 7 complimentary rounds during each one a different sin is present on the reels. Middle reel will become fully stacked with one of the sin girls, which is quite a touch to boost your winning potential. It is not all as free spins come with a multiplier going up to 7x your bet.

Think this is it? Well. You’re wrong. We know that you need three Scatters to initiate the free spins feature, but even with two Pandora’s Boxes on the reels this game will help you win. This is when the Second Chance feature will be initiated to present you with seven different sin figures to pick from.

One of them is hiding the third Scatter you need for Free Spins, while other will hide instant cash prizes of up to 15x your stake. You now see it for yourselves that we were not exaggerating. Seven Sins truly is a fantastic game.

What We Do Not Like

You might think we are under a spell, but we struggle to find anything wrong with this game. There is one thing however, we admit it. It might be one of the highly engaging games of late, it might feature greatly enticing graphics and features, but Seven Sins do not come on the cheap.

No sins do, to be honest. If you belong to that group of players who like to raise the bar to the top and stake a maximum bet, you should be advised that you need $100 per spin, which we think is a bit pricey.

Worth Playing?

Of course. Was there a single detail in this text above to suggest otherwise? Forget the maximum bet. Place your stake where you can handle them, sit back and enjoy.

This is the one time you will are allowed to be a sinner. Play’n GO’s 7 Sins is an alluring game with brilliant graphic, eventful gameplay and rewarding features, that is all you need to know. Playable across platforms and devices it is a good slot to carry with you, wherever you may go.

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