Tiki Paradise

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Theme of The Game

Tiki Paradise is one of the latest virtual slot machines created by Playtech. The game is set to be released this year with a bunch of new slots as well. This time, the theme is inspired by the Polynesian culture.

The 5 x 3 traditional reel featured in this game is decorated with a bunch of symbols brought straight from the Polynesia, with a display made out of wood and a layout full of colorful and tropical items that, different from other slot machines using the same theme, are not outrageous at all.

The bad news is that we have not been able to find much information about the game, thus Playtech company has only launched a small promotional video showing small snippets of all the upcoming releases set to be launched this year.


Tiki Paradise’s creators, Playtech, founded the company almost 17 years ago. With a long way of experience, their characteristic innovation has been represented in a large portfolio of online casino games made specially for every player setting foot in the market, from the new groundbreaking reels to the rather traditional 5 x 3 ones. Also, they usually put a lot of effort into the visual design of their games.

The company has yet another groundbreaking feature at sight to be added to their games. This time we are talking about a whole new system that will make the players’ life easier when it comes to online slot machines: The Omni-channel called Playtech One is a platform that will interconnect all Playtech’s games’ database, meaning the players will be able to access all games with the same account and wallet.

Playtech’s perfectly crafted virtual slot machines have placed the company at the tops of the market many times, becoming in one of the most popular developers out there.

The company has announced they are set to release a lot of new video slot machines this year, not only featuring Tiki Paradise, but also some other trademarked themed games, like The Flintstones, Top Gun, and Ace Ventura, along with a Greek culture themed game called Age of the Gods.

How to Play It

Due to the lack of information there is about this title (or all upcoming releases by Playtech in general) there is not much we can say about how to play this game, but, there were a few things we were able to catch from the promotional video.

Even though traditionally we make all the interactions with the game around the bottom part of our slot machine screen, in the small preview the user’s interface was nowhere to be found.

This leave us with two small theories: Either Playtech has ignored the whole user’s interface for advertisement reasons or just for the sake of the aesthetics, or the company has been experimenting with a touchscreen optimized new way to approach virtual slot machines. This would totally make sense if you think about the new Omni-channel platform and how they want to optimize their games for all the devices available.

Special Features

Besides the fact that there will be expanding wilds in the grid represented as wooden torches, no further information has been exposed.

Maximum Payout

The information about this game’s maximum payout or jackpot is unrevealed.


The information about this game has been so brief and intriguing, but we have high expectations when it comes to Playtech’s new releases.

This company is well known by the hard efforts they make to give the audience great slot machines with amazing design, great playability and what’s even better, huge profitability. Aside from that, we are all eager to see how the new Playtech One platform will make a change to their new games.

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