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The beloved classic of western animation, the Flintstones, finally has a virtual slot machined after it. The Flintstones first aired 56 years ago, if you can believe that. It initially aired until 1966, but it has been brought back in a number of revival series, spin offs, movies, and a slew of merchandise. In this virtual slot machine, we’ll see all the main characters of the show in different animations and slot symbols.

This isn’t the first slot machine adaptation of this cartoon, though. A Flintstones physical slot machine was created by WMS recently, which could be played in Las Vegas.

The WMS slot has been very well received, featuring a layout more reminiscing of a pinball cabinet than a traditional slot machine. This is, however, the first online slot machine themed around the Flintstones. Players will soon be able to get a try of Flintstones slot action without having to pack a bag and head over to Vegas.


Playtech has been developing software for online casinos for almost seventeen years now. They not only develop games, but they also have their own proprietary management software called IMS. Since they are capable of supplying the entire software needs of an online casino, they advertise themselves as providers of turnkey solutions. Indeed, they’re easily a one-stop shop for someone looking to set up an online casino.

Playtech is remarkable for being the world’s largest online casino supplier to be traded at the London Stock Exchange Main Market, traded under the symbol PTEC. This is no small feat, it should be noted. They recently announced a number of new slots to be released this year, via a short trailer on their YouTube channel.

The new upcoming titles include Top Gun, Ace Ventura, the new Age of the Gods series, and Tiki Paradise. The short seconds of gameplay footage is all the info we have on most of those games, for the moment.

How To Play it

Playtech is very well known for having the same user interface layout in all of their virtual slot machines. The design and visual style of the buttons and elements changes depending on the game, to fit in with that specific game’s feel and theme, but the position of the buttons remains the same across all titles. On the bottom left of the screen we have all the UI elements.

Left, we have the settings for line bet, and which pay lines you’re betting on. On the right side, there’s the Auto play, regular spin and turbo mode. Turbo Mode can be very helpful for players without that much patience, or with limited time, since it cuts away the win animations, for more streamlined play.

Special features

Since there’s almost no info out there on this new Flintstones game, there’s not much we can discuss in regard of its special features. We can gather from the gameplay footage that it will seemingly have a feature taken from the WMS physical slot, where the characters sprinkle wild symbols all over the reels during free spin rounds. That is an exciting feature, but we’re certain that Playtech has more exciting special features in store for us, which we’ll enjoy upon release.

Maximum Payouts

Playtech still hasn’t made public the information regarding the Flintstones maximum payouts. We do expect to have more info revealed in due time.


Although there’s not that much info out there yet, we can definitely be excited about this upcoming game. Playtech has done a fantastic job with bringing other interesting intellectual properties into slot machine form, like the Marvel titles (soon to be replaced by Age of the Gods), so we’re confident this game will be fantastic.

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