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Game Theme

The Serenity mobile slot is a game from Microgaming that uses a classic Chinese theme. It has many Chinese symbols around the place and plenty of peaceful backdrops that focus on the concept of serenity and peace. The game’s assortment of symbols create a great appearance that players will love to try out and can certainly add to something fun that all players are bound to watch for and have some real fun with.

What particularly makes this game appealing is that it offers a big bonus feature through the strong lantern bonus. This is a part of the Serenity mobile slot that will give players a better shot at huge totals thanks to how it can grant hundreds of thousands of coins at a time. The luckiest players will get into some of the biggest lanterns that will give out more money and therefore making for something that is all the more exciting for players to watch for.

How to Play

This game has fifteen lines on its five reels. These lines will be worth as little as one cent each although a player can adjust the total bet on each line to up to two dollars. The controls on the bottom of the screen are clearly listed. All fifteen lines must be played at once.

The game’s symbols include many classic poker-style symbols plus some attractive Chinese-styled symbols that feature many iconic emblems of Chinese culture. There are some wild and bonus symbols to look forward to as well.

Many of the bonus and wild symbols will give players access to some great advantageous features where they can get multipliers or free spins. The totals that people can get will vary and are typically random but will pay out well when they do actually show up.

The most important part of the Serenity mobile slot is that it offers the Lantern Bonus. This is a special setup where players can get three of these symbols that feature the Lantern Bonus emblem at a time. The goal is for a player to get this setup going so one can easily get into one of the largest possible bonuses that can be found in the game.

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Bonus Game Point

The Lantern Bonus game on the Serenity mobile slot works by giving players a series of lanterns to choose from. These traditional Chinese hanging lanterns will provide players with better chances to win something grand.

The player will choose from different lanterns to reveal assorted values. These are all arranged at random with some of them being worth thousands of coins. The cumulative payout from these will go towards the player’s totals to give out something thrilling and unique.

Maximum Payout

The top payout off of the Lantern Bonus game on the Serenity mobile slot can be good for 240,000 coins. This is a non-progressive jackpot and will give a player a good shot at a huge total when used right. A player who can get into this setup will certainly find something entertaining and exciting to get out of the game.


The Serenity mobile slot is a great game that will be brilliant for players who want to find a great slot that has a comfortable and nice look to it while offering a big payout. This is a great game that will offer some good chances for people to win and will certainly be interesting for players to take a look at, thus making for something that is all the more intriguing for all to watch for.

Where to Play

The Serenity game is currently at the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos. In addition to offering the Serenity mobile slot, these two places also have some great mobile slots of all sorts from Microgaming among other providers. The casinos have some live dealer games and other classic casino games for players to watch for as well.

Both casinos have some entertaining features including a $200 welcome bonus on all new accounts. A new player can also enjoy using ten free spins on assorted slots at either of these places too. There are also VIP features on each place and even some additional smaller bonuses that are available at the place throughout much of the year to offer something thrilling for all players to use.

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