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Pretty Kitty is an upcoming video slot machine by Microgaming. It’s about, well, cats. The reel symbols are photos of four cats, and a number of gems of different colors. The four cats have names, naturally: Pampered, Opinionated, Stylish, and Smart. I was legitimately disappointed to learn that none of them are called Colonel Whiskers or Admiral Bootywinks, the sort of cat names dictated by tradition.

The game is just a gigantic cat fest with a purple background and showers of sparkles and shimmering 3d effects. The design looks like either something a nutty cat lady would make, as a hobby, or some graphic designer’s slightly misguided idea of what could appeal to the nutty cat lady demographic.

Coming up with original and compelling themes for a slot machine can be hard at times. Often, developers turn to reusing the same old themes, but with small modifications, or twists. Some other times, they just throw something together with whatever they can come up with, not even trying to be original. Pretty Kitty, based on the announcement video we saw, falls under the latter category.


Microgaming claims to have launched the world’s first online casino in 1994. In the 20 years since, they have expanded their product portfolio to include a wide variety of online gambling software, from casino games to betting platforms.

Microgaming’s portfolio has over 800 games in it, and they release new games every month. With that need to keep churning out games, it’s no surprise that from time we’ll get games that are… less than inspired. It’s just something that is to be expected.

How To Play It

Pretty Kitty has a five by three set of reels, with 243 ways to win.Actually playing this game couldn’t be simpler. Down, beneath the reels, you will find the user interface controls. To play the game, hit the spin button. This will spin the reels once.

Auto Play lets you set a number of spins and let the game play itself for a while. Also, just any other slot machine, you can adjust your bet level to your liking. The user interface is a traditional one, which isn’t bad. However, a simplified mobile-optimized UI would have been greatly appreciated.

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Special features

The promotional footage we saw didn’t reveal too much about the game, but it did show enough about its special features to give us a good idea of what we can expect once this feline fest is released. The game will feature wild symbols, as is usual, but it seems that these will be expanding wilds, or at least they will be during free spin mode.

Free spin mode is activated by landing scatter symbols, as usual, and it seems that during this mode, reel symbols will expand if there are several of them on the reels. It is unclear if the expanding feature for the wilds will be only during free spins or not.
Other than these features, Microgaming gave no hints as to what the game’s features will be. This leads me to believe that this is it, and it will have no more.

Maximum Payouts

Microgaming still hasn’t made this info public. However, it seems that this slot will not be a progressive one, something to take into account.


A glittery and gaudy game that borders on ridiculous. Pretty Kitty is yet another cat themed game, and its special features do not look all that exciting or groundbreaking. We still haven’t played it, so we cannot make a comprehensive review in good faith, but so far we are thoroughly unimpressed by Pretty Kitty.

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