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Slots Features

Yggdrasil Gaming
Buddhist Symbols
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Game Theme

The Nirvana mobile slot is a game from Yggdrasil Gaming that has a theme based on the Buddhist and Hindu concept of Nirvana. This is the main concept that focuses on achieving inner peace and tranquility. It is a great value that has been incorporated into this unique game.

This game has a few exotic animals on the screen that pay out more than other symbols. It also has a series of flowers around the game that will spread out a series of seeds that in turn will cause a player to get a better amount of money through wild spins.

This is a game that will especially work on all sorts of mobile devices. It offers support for Android, iPhone and iPad players alike to give them a great chance for anyone to win something big.

How to Play

This is an Android, iPhone and iPad slot that has plenty of ways for players to win. The game uses twenty lines and offers bets of up to two dollars on each line. This five-reel symbol has a series of classic symbols and animals that pay out more but the biggest point to see comes from the wild symbols. These wild symbols will show up all around the screen and can especially expand over time through the Wild Seeds feature.

This game also has a few different bonus symbols all around the place. These include bonus symbols that provide players with more spins depending on what occurs in the game.

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T&C Apply 18+


Special Bonuses

The Wild Seeds feature is the first bonus to look for. This is a feature that will spread out two to four more wild symbols onto the screen, thus giving the player an added chance to get a better total payout.

The Mega Reel feature is another point that will give out more payouts when the right symbols match up on the first reel. The three middle reels will all match up when the Mega Reel appears. If the right symbols are on the first one then it will certainly pay out something huge.

The Nudge Reel feature is also included at random around the screen. This feature will give the player changes around the reels as they are shifted at random to give out more payouts depending on what may happen.

There are also free spins to be given out during the game. The player can get ten or more free spins depending on what occurs with the bonus symbols. This feature can also be restored during the round as long as the same symbols appear.

Maximum Payout

The top payouts on this game are not far too large when compared with other games. This iPhone and Android slot offers 250 coins for when a player gets five of the red bird symbols. This, like with other lines, will pay from the left. This will clearly be easier to find when the player gets more wild symbols. Of course, the game offers better totals when more money is spent here.


The excitement of the Nirvana Android and iPhone slot makes for a great thing to try out. This is a great slot that has some exciting points that are fun for players to look out for. The chances for a player to get a big payout on this game are especially strong when all is considered. It is a great game that has numerous ways for people to win and can certainly give out more money when everything is considered in general. Be sure to try this out when looking for a fun game to play with on a mobile device.

Where to Play

The Vegas Paradise Casino and Guts Casino are two places that have the Nirvana mobile slot. These are two casinos that have a number of entertaining games that include all sorts of ways to win and also offers support for all sorts of different games.

The Vegas Paradise Casino offers a 100% match bonus on a first deposit and up to 10 free spins for a new account. The Guts Casino has a $100 bonus for new accounts as well as 25 free spins for all first deposits on the site. The slots that are available for use are rather varied and include many popular options.

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