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Game Theme

Available for the iPhone, iPad and Android, the Neopolis video slot is a mobile game that has a classic future look to it. That is, it has a design of the future that has been heavily inspired by what people saw out of it long ago. The game’s design is fun and entertaining and should be seen by anyone who has a desire to really get something big out of a game like this.

This game features several entertaining points with robots, aliens and futuristic ships. It also has some classic slot symbols with the diamond symbols being worth more. The arrangement on this slot makes for a game that is exciting for mobile players to get into.

How to Play

This Android slot features 25 lines and uses five reels. The game’s setup requires the player to get a series of like symbols in a line but the player does have the choice to go with various different betting options for each line. The player must play with all 25 lines on a spin but there are cases where a player can go with less than a dollar on a single spin in terms of one’s bet.

The game’s organization is in a basic 5×3 layout. Like with any other game, the player’s combinations have to start at the first reel. Also, the 25 lines on this game are all set up before it starts, thus meaning that players will have to watch for how their particular symbols appear on the game as they come up when trying to get something out of it.

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Special Parts

There are wild symbols around the place but they will be more valuable when the player gets free spins. Three free spin symbols are needed to get ten free spins. This will come with a bonus wild feature that adds to the quality of the player’s wins by giving the player more chances and better payouts, what with the wild symbol being able to replace almost anything that appears on the screen.

There are also bonus symbols around the place that can bring players to a special bonus game when three or more of them are revealed. There are four of these games to play with on this Android and iPhone slot.

The Couples game requires the player to pick from a series of screens. The matching symbols that appear will be paid out to the player when they are found.

The Roulette bonus uses a wheel with a series of lights coming around. The player needs to get a good payout off of the select symbol that appears.

The City bonus requires the player to choose from different parts of a city to find special payouts. The totals that are open will vary on each part.

The Robot Factory game has a series of payouts that are hidden and shuffled around. It is up to the player to figure out where these are located in order to get the best wins.

Maximum Payout

A player can win thousands of coins on a spin when all is considered. The iPad slot can be worth more if the player gets into the bonus or free spin part of the game, what with the added choices being made available out here. This in turn creates a great setup that is unique and deserves a good consideration among all players.


The Neopolis mobile slot has a great futuristic look that will entertain all sorts of mobile casino players. This is a game that comes with good payouts and plenty of options for players to win. It deserves to be tried out when looking for something fun and interesting to play along with.

Where to Play

More mobile casinos are expected to bring about the Neopolis video slot but right now the best places to play it at are the Vegas Paradise Casino and the Guts Casino. These are two online casinos that have an assortment of mobile slots and other popular games and also contain some special bonuses. The Vegas Paradise Casino has a 100% welcome bonus and up to 10 free spins for players. The Guts Casino has a $100 welcome bonus and up to 25 free spins for use on a number of different slots out there.

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