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A fest of 16-bit nostalgia, Mega Boy is meant to appeal to people’s retro sensibilities, to those players who find themselves longing for the good old games of the 1980’s and the early 1990’s. Mega Boy’s devs, iSoftBet, have managed to capture the essence of 16-bit video games without having to resort to knocking off or copying games from that era.

Except from the backgrounds, that do resemble very much a classic game from a major Japanese video game company, nothing appears to be lifted wholesale from any specific game, or at least not that we can pinpoint.


The company behind Mega Boy is iSoftBet, a developer of online and mobile iGaming software. Their origins lie with late 1990’s developer Fast CPU, until they reformed under their current name in 2010, and they’ve been doing great since then.

They have a line of branded games that include 24, Rambo, and Nacho Libre. iSoftBet also has a series of original content games, that include, besides Mega Boy, titles like Astro Magic and Luxury Rome HD.

How Play It

Mega Boy has a five by three set of reels, and 25 pay lines. Its user interface is very simple, following the traditional pattern for almost all of video slots nowadays. All control elements are located at the bottom of the screen, as expected. The left side has an info button, which you can use to consult the pay table.

Next to that, there are setting for you current bet and coin value. On the center, there’s the spin button, and just next to it is the auto spin button. Auto spin not only lets you set the number of spins, like most other games, but also you can set caps for wins and/or losses during the auto spin rounds.

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Special features

The most noteworthy special feature here are the two free spin modes. They’re both triggered the same way, by landing a bonus symbol (a special rectangular wild symbol) on the center position on reel 3. This special wild symbol will bear the image of one of the two “protagonists” of the game, an orange monster with ram horns, and a gnome-like creature with a purple hat.

Depending on which character shows up, the free spin round will be on Level 1 (for the orange horned fellow) or Level 2 (for purple hat guy). Both “levels” will have 10 free spins, and during each spin, a power up will be selected at random. Power ups include multipliers, extra wild symbols, and so forth. Specific power ups can be found only in either “level”. This is a nice, fresh spin on the usual free spins mechanic.

Maximum Payouts

Mega Boy’s jackpot is a very respectable 50,000 coins. Considering that you can set coin values between 0.01 and 0.20 euros, your total prize money can range between five hundred (500) and ten thousand (10,000) euros. These amounts won’t change anyone’s life, but they’ll certainly make their winner a happy person for a while.


Mega Boy’s most appealing aspect is its theme and overall feel. iSoftBet did a wonderful job capturing the feel of 16-bit video game aesthetics, especially in the animations and sound effects.

It is quite remarkable that they managed to do this without directly lifting any designs from games of that era, so definitely kudos to iSoftBet on that regard.

The free spins “levels” also fit the theme very well, but frankly, it is a bit disappointing that that became essentially this game’s only special feature. Lacking as it may, Mega Boy is a great game, and worthy of your attention.

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