Maverick Saloon

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Game Theme

The theme of the Maverick Saloon mobile slot from Games OS is that it features a classic saloon setting that features a series of gunslingers and bandits all around the place. The game uses a series of classic symbols as well as some symbols with bandits, waitresses and preachers among others. The game’s shootout round especially adds to the Old West feel of the game.

The game itself has plenty of features that add to the overall experience including a thrilling series shootouts and even a good soundtrack that adds to the Wild West tone. This game sticks to its Wild West theme quite well and the chances for a player to get something big on this game are certainly something to explore.

How to Play

This game is played with up to nine lines on its five reels. Players can change the number of reels they want to play with but they cannot choose which extremely specific lines they want to use when playing.

Meanwhile, the game features a betting layout that works with as little as five cents on a single line. Players can bet $100 or more on lines in some of the best cases as well.

The exciting part of the game is that a player can win thousands of coins on this slot depending on the betting being used. Still, it does offer a good form of entertainment for low-level players.

The game has many special symbols although the ones that have the people on them pay out the most. There are also some wild symbols and even a few that will get players into a special bonus game.

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Big Parts of the Game

The Maverick Saloon Android slot has an organization where a player can get twice the payout when a wild symbol comes about. A winning line that features a wild symbol in it at some point will give the player twice the payout from that one line.

Meanwhile, the bonus symbol will bring players to a special shootout round if three or more of these symbols appear. This game requires the player to click on as many particular symbols as possible within the game. Players on this part of the iPad slot will get more free spins if the shootout lasts a little longer.

The total number of free spins that are offered in this game will vary based on what the player can get. The player can possibly get fifty or more free spins off of this game.

There’s also a gamble feature that entails picking the color or suit on a card after a winning spin. The player needs to get this right to increase one’s winnings but a wrong choice will always cause the player to lose everything.

Maximum Payout

The basic payout on this game can be good for up to 750 coins on one spin. This can certainly be high if the wild symbol is involved and there is always the consideration of a player getting wins on multiple lines or some extra free spins being associated. A player on this game will have to play for a good while in order to possibly get a good total through the game.


The Maverick Saloon is a great game that is exciting for players to see. This is a game that comes with many attractive symbols and some of the best bonus opportunities in the mobile slot world. This all comes with an Old West design that has an intense look that players will love to play along with.

Where to Play

The Vegas Paradise Casino and Guts Casino are both places that have the Maverick Saloon video slot. These are two casinos that are available for Android, iPhone and iPad players alike. These casinos have numerous slots and other special games like video poker and roulette to name a few other choices. Players can find a few bonuses at these two casinos as well.

The Vegas Paradise Casino has a 100% welcome bonus on first deposits plus up to 10 free spins. The Guts Casino has its own bonus with a $100 welcome bonus plus 25 free spins to use on various select slots. Each casino will have its own special terms based on the particular slots that people can use their special bonuses on.

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