Jimi Hendrix

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Rock Legends
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Theme of the game

Net Ent have selected the god of the guitar in this opportunity for the whole software and design to their new online slot machine. As a part of an online slot machines trilogy, NetEnt completed the selection of goodness in the music by selecting the legendary Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix game will be released in April and it will be the second online slot machine developed by the company in the rock games trilogy. They have launched already Guns ‘N Roses, so we are looking forward to this game and also to the Motorhead online slot machine that will be released in the same month in this year.

If you love the good music or you are a player that enjoys playing different online slot machines (viewed from the design), well, probably Jimi Hendrix and the whole trilogy will be the game of the year for you. For me, as a fan of Jimi Hendrix, this could be my favorite game!

The promotional video hasn’t be released yet, so we are supposing that the game could have a lot of features that are similar to the Guns ‘N Roses machine. We will see.

On the launch day, 21st of April, you will be able to get thousands of Jimi Hendrix free spins from just about any casino. Make sure to follow this page and others and claim as many offers as possible.


The Polish Company founded 20 years ago, NetEnt, is not only the responsible of the developing of Jimi Hendrix online slot machine. They are developing a trilogy of online slots machines inspired by famous rock bands or musicians. The have selected really well the musicians and groups.

This prestigious enterprise has a long experience in the industry. They are well known for their portfolio full of different and amazing online casino games. They count with over 700 employees around the world and their presence is truly worldwide.

Quality and innovation are two aspects that are mostly assured when NetEnt develops a new game. Certainly, Jimi Hendrix and the whole rock games trilogy is an example of their earned reputation.

How to play

As I said before, there isn’t yet a promotional video or a lot of information provided by the company, so we don’t know certainly how the game is structured. However, we think that the distribution of reels and pay line could be equal to the Guns ‘N Roses machine or very similar.

As a company that always innovate and improve in their creations, they will probably make some changes in the structure and distribution, but I think that it can be a 5 reel game and the game will probably have 20 or less pay lines.

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Special features

Even when we didn’t see anything of the game (the way of playing, for example, and we don’t even know the maximum payout or if there are bonus or ways of increase the luck and the money of the player), I can say that the theme is a very special feature.

I think that the music is one of the most amazing creations of the human being, and having the opportunity of playing a secure and a well-done and designed game meanwhile you are listening probably the best guitarist in the world doesn’t compares with anything. I think that NetEnt have selected three amazing rock groups and musicians for developing this trilogy that can be truly popular in the community.


We can see that we love Jimi Hendrix online slot machine without seeing it. All our expectations are focused in the developing of this game and to the Motorhead online slot machine.

NetEnt have done a great job in the creation of the Guns ‘N Roses game, so we can’t see a reason why Jimi Hendrix online slot machine have to be different. We are expecting that they include higher payouts and some innovative aspects.

It could be really cool if they create a bonus game and you earn money when the combination of reels matches the chords of a song, for example. I have no doubt that NetEnt is a visionary company, and they probably surprise us with an aspect that the community won’t be able to ignore.

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