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Game Theme

The Family Guy mobile slot is a game that features a number of symbols that highlight the comedy and quirkiness of the popular television show. It features plenty of characters from the series and also includes many actual sounds and clips from the series. These highlights are very fun as they offer some unique ways for players to win and laugh.

The game also has some bonus features that are based off of noteworthy events and scenes from the show. The things that are featured around the game will entertain all people who want to have something fun and unique to play along with.

How to Play

The Family Guy mobile slot works with a design where a player will get thirty lines on five reels. The game uses various symbols of items that are featured throughout the series.

The game’s different character symbols are especially important as they can trigger some special features around the place. These include the chance for a player to get different scatter symbols on the screen in specific places or the chance to get added wild symbols around the place. The potential for a player to get something big off of the game will certainly be a thrill for players to look forward to.

The game’s scatter symbol is the World Bonus symbol. This will reveal a particular wheel that will reveal a bonus game that a player can get into. This will work when the player gets enough of this symbol on a spin. The total payouts on these games will vary but they will be fun to go along with in that they offer some unique ways for players to win big payouts.

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Bonus Features

The bonus parts on the Family Guy mobile slot include some games that are inspired by many of the events that are featured all around the show. These parts include ones where a player can get free spins. The free spin feature gives out ten free spins while players need to get enough appropriate symbols to appear on the heart symbols within the game to potentially get some sticky wilds that will be around for the entire duration of the free spin round. This will add to the player’s chances to get a larger total payout.

The Drunken Clam feature is another part of the game that players are bound to love. This feature works in that a player will get to choose from four different characters. The key is for one’s choice to last as long as possible while drinking. A player can get up to 750 times the value of the original spin here.

The Chicken Fight bonus entails a player having to pick from Peter or a chicken in a fight. This will give the player plenty of symbols that offer free spins and credits that will be added depending on how well one’s fight results go. This can offer up to 1,000 times the original value of the spin when used right.

The character bonuses also offer added wild symbols and World Bonus signs around the place. Some multipliers may also be added around to game to give players a bigger total.

Maximum Payout

Players can get thousands of coins on the game as the multipliers will add to the totals that a player can get. The possible 1000x bonus that comes with the game will especially be worthwhile to players who want to really get something huge out of this unique game.


The Family Guy mobile slot has a good look to it that offers players a number of good ways to win something large. Players on the Family Guy slot can get some good chances to win big prizes while going after bigger payouts all around the place.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos are both places that have the Family Guy mobile slot. These are both casinos that have some entertaining features that cover different types of slots including many that can be played on mobile devices.

There are also some live dealer games available for play at these casinos. Players can also enjoy some big totals off of many bonuses including up to $200 in free money on a first deposit and ten free spins to go with that total.

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