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Play’n Go has recently released its epic fantasy slot machine: Cloud Quest. The overall theme takes, in my opinion, one too many cues from Final Fantasy, having carachters that definitely evoke those in the Square Enix franchise.

Although, the prevalence of those character archetypes in popular culture is fairly ingrained nowadays, so it may not necessarily be the case that Play’n Go was lifting design elements from Final Fantasy. Regardless of the specific origin of its inspiration, the game’s artwork is fantastic, better than the norm in virtual slot machines.

Cloud Quest does away with traditional reel symbols, replacing them with designs like fantasy characters (warriors, mages, etc), spell books, magical stones, and so forth. This preserves the game’s atmosphere a lot better, and takes away some of the gambling-y feel to it.


Play’n Go is a rising star in the industry, developing titles for mobile devices, websites, and gaming terminals. This multi-platform approach is the most successful approach in the business, guaranteeing a strong presence across the entire market and its segments.

Play’n Go is known for providing its customers (casino operators) with great support, among the best support services in the industry. Some of Play’n Go’s best known titles are Rage of Riches, Royal Masquerade, and Tower Quest.

How To Play It

This game’s gameplay is fairly simple and straightforward, just like every other slot machine out there. On the bottom right side of the screen, player will find the auto play and spin buttons.

Auto play lets you set the details for your autoplay session, like the amount of spins, the maximum amount of money youre willing to risk, and the maximum amount of wins you’d prefer before auto play stops. This capacity to set more than just the number of spins is a very welcome departure from the norm in most games, that only let you set a number of spins.

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Special Features

Play’n Go has decided to combine some features from two of its previous titles, Energoons and Nordic Heroes. These are features previously uncombined in the same title, and that give Cloud Quest a very unique feel.

The first feature, taken from Energoons, is the wild symbols. In Cloud Quest you do not get wild symbols in the reels during spins, like in most games. Instead, after landing a winning combination, the middle symbol in the combo will turn into a wild. This greatly raises your chances to land even more wins.

The second feature is taken from Nordic Heroes. Players in Cloud Quest will have a party of characters to be levelled up by racking experience points throughout their play. These characters gain experience points by battling foes, which occurs during free spin rounds.

Winning those battles makes you earn rewards, like free spins and items to boost your character during future fights, which get harder as it, your character, levels up. Suffice to say, rewards increase in quality as the difficulty increases, making the levelling up process more than just a gimmicky visual overhaul.

Maximum Payouts

This game’s jackpot is set at 500 coins. It may not seem like much, but considering that coin value can reach up to 100 pounds, it gives players a very respectable maximum jackpot of five thousand. Coin value can be set as low as 10p


This game is definitely an interesting take on the slot machine genre. By overhauling gameplay with RPG elements, just like Nordic Heroes, it manages to feel like less of an endless grind, and makes players feel more invested in playing the game longer. Definitely worth a try.


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