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Game Theme

The Bullseye mobile slot is a game from Microgaming that features a classic darts theme. This game has a virtual dart board at points in the game but the key part is that it focuses heavily on the classic bar game of darts above all else. This fun game features a good look where players can possibly get thousands of coins or even more than a million depending on how the bonus game works.

This game uses many symbols that feature darts, dart boards and even bulls. The game’s fun look has a festive approach to it that players are bound to love. The best part of this game is that it gives players some great ways to try and win huge totals to make for a good way for all players to look forward to. There’s a chance for players to win huge off of the special dart board game.

How to Play

For starters, the Bullseye mobile slot uses 243 ways to win on five reels. It uses thirty coins for payout intentions as players can bet from one to ten cents on each coin. In addition, a player can add to the number of coins that are to be used in a spin although thirty coins is the bare minimum that players can get. The bets with the most number of coins will end up paying more money as they will multiply whatever a player can win on a spin.

The game’s symbols include many fun bar-themed items but the ones that feature the darts and bulls are clearly the most popular. The game’s wild and bonus symbols will also be great as they can offer players some free spins and even multipliers depending on what people can get out of the game. This in turn results in a better total payout that people are bound to look forward to get into when playing something fun.

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Bonus Parts

The multipliers and free spin features are all big parts of the game to see. The Bullseye mobile slot all has a fun look that players are certainly going to enjoy looking forward to. The game’s assortment of symbols will definitely add to something fun and worth trying out.

The key bonus symbol on the game is the dart board bonus. This will give players access to a special dart board game that will give them a chance to aim at a virtual board to possibly get a larger payout. The total values of coins on each space in the game are varied and the player clearly has to be lucky in order to win on this game. However, it will give a player a good chance for someone to get something worth playing for. The game will certainly give players a better chance at winning a big total.

Maximum Payout

One of the hottest parts of the Bullseye mobile slot comes from how it offers one of the best total payouts for anyone to go after. The Bullseye mobile slot has a maximum payout of 1,215,000 coins. This is one of the best totals that anyone can get out of a non-progressive feature. This will give a player one of the biggest incentives around to play with this game.


The Bullseye mobile slot is a great game that players are bound to love playing. This is a popular video slot that offers some great jackpots and bonus features. The fact that it can be played while on the go just makes this game all the more entertaining for players. Anyone looking for a huge total to go after will certainly love playing along with this game.

Where to Play

The Bullseye mobile slot is currently at the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos. These are both casinos that have some entertaining games including many for use on mobile devices like the Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Both casinos have hundreds of slots and many other special features all around. Players can especially come out to these casinos to get some great welcome offers. A first deposit on either place will net a player a bonus of up to $200 while ten free spins will also be added to a player’s account to be used on different slots around the place.

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