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Theme of the game

Prepare to see an online slot machine as you never before. The British company, IGT, is under a new interesting project. They have just launched their new slot with a very particular theme.

Unless you are 5 years old, probably you won’t find this game truly amusing. In this game, you will find animals as symbols and main characters, but they are animals made with balloons! Those “Balloonies” are the characters that will accompany you through the whole game experience.

We have Ernie the Elephant, Henry the Wild HedgeHog, Mia the Monkey and other dear animal friends that will resemble the balloons that you received as a gift when you were a child.

However, despite of the theme, IGT presents us a 5 reel and 20 payline slot machine that counts with certains special features and aspects in the way of earning money and having fun with Balloonies. Let’s talk about a little bit more about it.


IGT is a company that counts with a portfolio that speaks for them. They count with a large repertoire of excellent products like games available in a lot of platforms.

They also provide government-sponsored and commercial gaming industry with proven solutions for gaming, lottery, interactive and social, according to their official web site. This company is originally from Britain.

How to play it

Nothing complicated or intricate about this aspect. Balloonies is just like a children’s game, easy and enjoyable. This game comes in two main presentations: the online or “desktop” version and the mobile version (designed for gadgets like iPads or mobile phones).

However, you will find at the bottom of the screen the commun buttons: your bet and winning score, the amount of your line bet and, of course, the spin button. In desktop’s versions, it is located right in the middle. If you play it on your phone, the spin button is located on the right side of the board.

What matters the most is the bonus game that Balloonies include. Depending on the friendly animal combination you get, your reward will vary. You can start winning prizes from the moment you spot your first Balloonie, according to some players’ witness.

As other games, you only have to press the spin button and our little balloons will start to roll through the 5 reels.
If your lines includes 3 stars, the multipliers are added up for increase even more your prize.

You will find 3 Bonus Symbols: your line-bet not only will increase immediately to 40x, you will be able to choose one of the 3 balloons, and depending on the selection you will know how many free spins you will get!

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Special Features

I’m going to do a very quick summary about it. As I said, the theme isn’t the best, but I think that IGT had done an amazing job with the design. It’s really similar to real balloons and it seems like you are playing a slot inspired in a famous children’s cartoon.

On the other hand, the most special feature in my opinion are the Bonus games that can give to you free spins… the favorite word for us, the players. The rewards are really gratifying.

Maximum Payout

As I said, depending of the “Balloonie” you get, your prize will change. You can win up to 500x your line-bet if you get Mia the Monkey. Further, other animals like Ernie the Elephant can make you win up 400x your line bet and Gerry the Giraffe can make you win up to 300x your line-bet. Ballonies couns this satisfying rewards in my opinion.


IGT has developed an interesting slot. Balloonies is a game that counts with a childish game, but they has done an admirable job in the design. Despite of, the theme can make the game kind of disagreeable for some players.

Nonetheless, Balloonies is a game that counts with amazing rewards and the opportunity of winning a lot of free spins. IGT include some of the most important features of every slot and they have incorporated them to a slot machine that will create a lot of talk about it.

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