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Game Theme

The Alkemor’s Tower mobile slot is a game that has the titular wizard preparing a series of potions for a number of uses. The slot features plenty of cases where a player can possibly win more money when enough free feature show up around the game, thus making it a thrill for all to see.

The Alkemor’s Tower slot uses potions and magic books. The spells that come on this Android, iPhone and iPad slot will especially be worth a great deal of money when they show up. The excitement of the Alkemor’s Tower mobile slot comes from how these potions and other features can show up at random to give players some great chances at finding some good totals that people are certainly going to look out for when finding something thrilling for everyone to see out here.

How to Play

This game has 30 coins on each spin while a player can bet from two cents to a dollar. The game also allows the player to bet up to five times the original total.

The Alkemor’s Tower mobile slot has 243 ways to win. These include many ways that go all around the game’s five reels.

The Android and iPhone slot particularly has magic books that will appear around the place. These books need to appear on the first two reels while the third needs to have either a star book, a vine book or a potion.

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Special Parts

The iPhone and Android slot features a setup where the player can get a special potion to be placed on a spin. In this case, the game will work in that a player can get two books with a potion on the third reel to create a special spell. The effects will vary based on the particular potion that shows up on the screen.

A player on this game will get the special symbols with the exception of the first reel symbol to become wild symbols. The first reel symbol will become a random one on the game.

In addition to a guaranteed win with those free spins, a player can get the non-wild symbols to be shuffled, replaced or even adjusted with some extra wild symbols around the place. Sometimes extra wilds can appear on the fourth and fifth reels to add to the player’s chances to win something more.

Meanwhile, the player can get two books and then a vine or star book to get the Nature Floor or Celestial Floor bonus screen. This works in that a player will get ten or more free spins and then move on to a separate screen. This new screen on the Alkemor’s Tower slot will include vine or black hole symbols depending on the game that is included. The surrounding symbols around these will cause the player to win a bigger payout as they are destroyed. These vine and black hole symbols will only appear on select reels and will show up at random.

Maximum Payout

The largest payout on one screen is 350 times the value of the coin when five Alkemor symbols appear. This payout can certainly add up when more wild symbols come about on the screen. This can easily make it to where a player’s chances to win something huge will improve over time.


The Alkemor’s Tower mobile slot is an exciting game that players are certainly going to be excited to play along with. This is a game that has many great features for all to try out as it comes with some good payout features and will definitely be big for all to look out for. The chances that players have for winning something big here will be based heavily on how different potions show up as they will certainly add to a player’s chances to win something huge.

Where to Play

The Alkemor’s Tower mobile slot is available at the Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot Paradise Casino. These are two places that have many different mobile slots and other popular games that players are certainly bound to love. These two casinos also have some bonuses for first deposits. These include a 100% bonus and 10 free spins at the Jackpot Paradise Casino plus a bonus of $200 and 10 spins at the Vegas Paradise Casino.

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