RTG Launched God of Wealth Mobile Slot

March 12, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

god-of-wealth-slot-logoThere are a lot of games inspired in the Chinese culture lately: Chinese zodiac, Chinese food, and now Chinese gods. God of Wealth’s theme is inspired in one of the gods from the Taoism culture called Caishen, which allegedly grants prosperity and wealth to the ones who worship him.

Perhaps this game is intended for the people who believe in this wealth related luck. Perhaps Caishen will help those who play this video slot machine. Guess the only way to find out is to give this title a try and taste our luck. God of Wealth is a rather traditional slot machine based on a normal set of a 5 x 3 grid with a total of 25 different pay-lines to play with.

What We Love

This title features a calm overview that consists of elements from the Chinese and Taoism culture and a decent and calm soundtrack. Even if it does not feature the most interesting and crazy special features out there in the market, this game might attract the newest players out there who are looking for something simple and easy to start taking their luck out for a spin.

The most special feature this game might have is its profitability since the wild Caishen will not only work as a joker for your possible combinations, but will also double up the profits you make in said combination.

On the other hand, Real Time Gaming has developed something that is quite exciting, even if not as original: A progressive jackpot. This one is filled with all the player’s bets and even if it’s not an exact amount, by the time we made this review the jackpot reward was set at $2,165.

Also, whenever the you hit up three or more Gold Ingots (scatter symbols) anywhere on the grid, you will be given the opportunity to reveal what’s behind them, having prizes of up to 10 free spins rounds.

The free spins can help a lot when it comes of reaping profits with this game, thus the wilds will appear more than in the center reel only to help you multiply your winnings. This feature can be retrigger by hitting up more Gold Ingots during the free rounds.


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What We Do Not Like

Even if the profitability in this game is decent it has a lack of almost everything a video slot machine needs to be exciting. Real Time Gaming should have put more effort in this game thus the quality does not meet the expectations.
There are certain things that make a video slot machine a good and consistent one. A good design (visual and sound), interesting and entertaining features and last but definitely not least, the profitability.

The sound development for this game is decent, but the graphic design is not that appealing. The layout is too charged with elements from the Chinese culture, too many colors and a bad intent of 3D design and animation. Unfortunately, (pun intended) God of Wealth lacks of interesting features to play with.

The wilds and scatters are not enough to make an exciting slot machine. It turns out to be too traditional and simple. The profitability, at last, is not that bad. You can get great amount of winnings in regular spins, besides, the progressive jackpot might be the most appealing thing this game has.

Worth Playing?

This game is not one of the best out there, but might be a good place to start for the newest players out there that do not know or understand the rules of procedure when it comes to video slot machines.

On the other hand, if you do not mind the design of this game, you should give it a try, even for a little moment. You might get impressed with the outcomes and profits you can get from it.

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