Quickspin Launched The Wild Chase Mobile Slot

January 31, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments


the-wild-chase-slot-logoThis game, developed by Quickspin, lets you enjoy a world of fast cars and great luxury with characters that will ride with you towards victory.

These characters are very fun and interesting, together you will do your best to combine jewelry, cold hard cash, racing cars and the like with a bunch of cool and very helpful Special Bonuses that will multiply your profits!

The controls are very simple, yet you have maneuverability to switch Wild Symbols on the reel with other regular symbols to unlock the different Special Features the game provides.

What We Love

The Special features! Don’t get me wrong, this Video Slot Machine is got a great design, the artwork of every element in the Slot is well made, and the playstyle is simple yet cool, but the special features and the way they influence the game steals the show.

Multipliers are a player favorite and this game will let you use them to their maximum potential, combined with the Free Spin Round you unlock by getting three Wild Symbols (identified as an “X” ) you can achieve some major numbers, and I don’t say that lightly, getting a good combo on a small bet can get you to multiply it by 5!

With a betting range that let’s you start at 0.01 and tops at 1 coin per spin, the 25-payline Slot will give you a lot of chances to use your skill and create combinations on a 5×3 set of slick reels.

The theme sets up a very fun game, even with simple controls you can get to do a bit of thinking playing it since you will try to figure out how to get the better combinations, switching the Wild Symbols with a regular symbol and using the Free Spin Rounds, even when being a bit complicated at first, becomes really easy after a few tries. You will get excited for sure when your moves get you that multiplier at the end of a combo!


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What We Do Not Like

As you can guess by now I’m pretty much into this Video Slot Machine, but if I could change one thing I would choose to increase the bet amount, since the win frequency can get a bit slow, even when the Special Features are cool it can take a while to unlock a Free Spin Round.

Worth Playing?

Yes, if you are wondering whether to play it or not and you have enjoyed another game by Quickspin don’t hesitate to try it, but even if you haven’t I’d recommend check it out. I found it very fun and entertaining, when someone develops a game with a theme that goes so well with it’s playstyle one could say they hit the jackpot.

Quickspin is a relatively young and not very known developer but I’m sure they won’t be for long, the products that they have presented to the public are of great quality, I have enjoyed titles like Firestorm, Razortooth and Illominous. The Wild Chase just as good if not better than any of those titles.

Another thing I like about Quickspin is that they will always set a high RTP, in the case of The Wild Chase it is above 96%.

The game is not boring because you face the challenge of getting as many Wilds as you possibly can on the reel, by doing so you will surely get some awesome combinations that you will celebrate in the company of the great characters that sit alongside on the copilot seat, just remember not to drive after you had a few!

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