Quickspin Launched Second Strike Mobile Slot

December 5, 2015 Posted in New Games by No Comments

second-strike-slot-logoThe Second Strike mobile slot is a new game from Quickspin that uses ten lines on five reels and features a great appearance with some traditional fruit and diamond symbols among other features that are often screen on classic slots.

This Android, iPhone and iPad slot will certainly be great for players to try out but the biggest part of the game is that it has a special titular feature that will give players more ways to win through the added symbols that show up all around the place.

About the Game

The Second Strike mobile slot uses a design where a player can get three or more like symbols on the screen at a time. The player can possibly win off of multiple lines at a given time. This will especially give players something thrilling if they can get more of one symbol on the same reel at a time.

Of course, the player will also get access to bonus and wild symbols like with many other games. The slot has a good look of its own that highlights many ways for people to win but the best part of the game is that it gives out more symbols at random through some special points to give players some great choices for how they can win big and enjoy something entertaining for all to watch for.


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A Big Special Feature

The Second Strike feature is a special part of this mobile slot that makes it stand out. This works in that there are many symbols scattered all around the outside part of the screen. These symbols can eventually add up and will match up with the different features that come around the main screen. This in turn will cause a player to get new symbols to show up on the screen.

A player can possibly get six to ten new symbols to show up on the screen. This in turn will give players some great totals that players are bound to love as there are more ways for players to win on a spin thanks to the added symbols that will show up at the time.

How it Compares

The special organization of the game makes it a special one that players are certainly going to love playing around with. The game is organized to where players can easily win big totals off of it including chances for players to get hundreds or thousands of dollars on it.

Where to Play

The Vegas Paradise  and Jackpot Paradise Casinos are two places that have the Second Strike mobile slot. These two mobile casinos have different games that include some thrilling chances for people to win something great. Players can especially use these casinos to benefit from some big payouts for first time members.

A player at the Vegas Paradise Casino can get a first deposit bonus of up to $200 plus 10 spins to use on many mobile slots. Meanwhile, the Jackpot Paradise Casino has a combined bonus over a player’s first four deposits that can total up to $200 in value through the entire account process.