Quickspin Launched Genies Touch Mobile Slot

February 21, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

genies-touch-slot-logoPrepare to enter a fantasy land drawing inspiration from Arabian Nights and Aladdin with Genie’s Touch, Quickspin’s upcoming video slot title due April 2016. Just like in the folktales and mythology, an encounter with a magic lamp and the genie within can make your wishes come true. Although there’s still some information yet unreleased as of writing time, this soon-to-be-released title looks promising enough to pique our interest.

Visually speaking, the game is evidently inspired by the images evoked by Arabian Nights, that old classic of Middle Eastern literature. The reel symbols are not the usual ones, taken from playing cards (9, 10, J, Q, K, etc), but rather elements fitting the game’s thematic aesthetics, like jewels and magic lamps.

Other symbols are characters, which haven’t been explicitly identified, but one can guess that they’re a handsome prince, a pretty princess, a sultan (or maybe an emir, sheikh, or caliph), and a villain of sorts (an evil wizard? a devious, plotting vizier? both?). However, we’re not too excited about the game’s theme, since we know it’s just flavor for what really matters, the game itself, and this game looks like it will provide a fun and profitable experience from what we’ve been able to glance.

What We Love

The whole Arabian Nights aesthetics is something I enjoy, though not particularly too much. At first glance I thought: “It’s not too original, but at least it’s not another faux-Irish, shamrocks-and-leprechauns mess”. Once I delved into the features they are promising, well, I sure got a bit more excited.

The game’s biggest selling point is its namesake feature, the Genie’s Touch. Whenever you’re lucky enough to land three or more magic lamp symbols, the eponymous Genie will appear. She’s a lithe, purple skinned blonde with dramatically long hair.

genies touch screen big

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When she makes her appearance, adjacent symbols (adjacent to the lamps) will be magically transformed into matching symbols, always giving you the best combination possible. But that’s not the full extent of this feature; during free spins, the magic lamp symbols are not only available, but in increased numbers. This means greater chances to get the Genie’s Touch.

Getting the free spin rounds is not something that departs from the traditional experience. You must get three Bonus Scatter symbols during a single spin, and this will grant you ten free spins. The generous amount of free spins combined with the increased number of magic lamps almost definitely will make free spins the most exciting part of this game.

What We Do Not Like

Not having tried out the product yet makes it difficult to say what we do not like about it. Only from the limited information available to us as of writing time, we cannot think of something we suspect we’ll dislike about Genie’s Touch. What we do not like about it, definitely, is not knowing key info like maximum payout and RTP value. Although, we’re confident we’ll know this sooner rather than later, even if it’s only upon release day.

Worth Playing?

We still need to get our hands on Genie’s Touch to cast a full verdict, but our first impressions of the game are positive. The Genie’s Touch feature looks intriguing and exciting to us, and the visuals look charming and pleasing. The entire design of the user interface, layout and reel symbols look good, even if some can feel a bit generic, like the jewel symbols.

This game looks like it will provide players with a familiar virtual slot machine experience with just enough of a twist on it to make it interesting. We’re pretty excited, and we hope tt a chance to play with Genie’s Touch as soon as it’s out on April this year.

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