Playtech Launched Top Gun Mobile Slot

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Basic Information

top-gun-slot-logoToday the world of slots is very competitive, they are published daily and hundreds of titles that can occasionally miss some under table. Top Gun slot, as some games that often overshadow other characteristics with its incredible graphics, good gameplay and attractive theme that turns its developers as the heroes of this season.

Such games usually get followers fast, Jets and Cars themes are usually very popular among slot players, and it increases more when the chances of winning are as extensive as those you get in Top Gun by Playtech.

What We Love

Simply play once and you realize that developers have included some amazing features in this slot. Playtech has done an impeccable job in this adaptation of the hit movie “Top Gun”. This type of theme is very convenient for developers, as hundreds of fans of the film, try to prove their luck in this slot.
There is no way that this game disappoint the fans, has good music, original characters from the movie, good sound effects and spectacular animations that you can activate if you can get winning combinations that trigger the special features of this slot .

You have 5 reels, with symbols of some of the main characters in the film, images related to the topic and some common poker related symbols are located. You can bet from 0.25 coins if you’re the type of player modest and cautious.

The game features entertaining videos that were taken from the original film, the music is exciting as you remember the most important moments of the movie. If you get the right combination Jets will activate the free spins. Fans of slot games love the free spins, would have been a shame if Playtech had not included this feature in this machine.

top guns screenshot

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What We Do Not Like

The video sequences are very short, is a very broad subject, special features are developed very quickly and do not give opportunity to the player fully involved in the game. The amount of free spins seems very little, developers were little ambitious in this regard, the slot fanatic looking as many free spins that can offer a game, and Top Gun is definitely not the most attractive in that respect.

Worth Playing?

This slot takes some elements of arcade games and gives you the opportunity to enjoy an incredible gameplay, while the Jets flying in the game panel helping you get some winning combinations. You will end your play session fully satisfied to have invested time and money in such meddling as Top Gun slot game.
Features in the Wilds as the “Dofights”, section of the game panel called “Danger Zone”, free spins, video sequences, great animations, excellent graphics, 243 ways to win, are some of the features you’ll find in this slot Playtech.

This company is supported by a large number of successful publications that are often based on movies and celebrities. Developers often base their designs and themes in films that has a large number of fans, this means they must do a good job, but accumulate a large number of annoying fans.
Top Gun is a slot that can be a good option this season, you may get to become one of the most successful releases of the company. They have proven their quality in publications such as “World Football Star” “Captain America” and “Thor”, based on themes that are common to most people. Now bring Top Gun, a slot machine is undoubtedly a success in this company publications.
It’s always nice to remember the great classic films, Playtech gives you the opportunity to play Top Gun, relive the action and the adrenaline of flying these amazing F -14.

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