Playtech Launched Tiki Paradise Mobile Slot

March 29, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

tiki paradise slot logoRecently one of the most popular companies in the online gambling business, Playtech, released a promotional video advertising all of their newest titles set to be released all this year. This time we are here to focus on one of these: Tiki Paradise.

The game is, for what we were all able to assume from the name of the game, inspired by the Polynesian culture, with a traditional 5 x 3 reel filled with many elements, some made out of wood and others bright and colorful, like flowers brought right from the Polynesia.

The design in this slot machine makes some fresh contrast in the market, as the other virtual slots that we could find inspired by the same theme are dull and overcharged with too many colors that make the layout become rather outrageous. It kind of gives me a fresh and beachy breath of air to find that, even if the theme has been already used by others, Playtech has managed to give life to this one improving it into a new well-crafted layout.

The bad news today is that there is only one promotional video featuring this title out there, and so little information about it. Playtech announced this game, among other titles to be released this year, in a promotional video filled with short snippets about each new release: The Flintstones, Age of the Gods, Ace Ventura, Top Gun and Tiki Paradise at last.

Playtech is a well-known developer company with almost 17 years of experience in the online gambling field. Founded in 1999, Playtech has showed the best of their efforts in a large and vast portfolio filled with amazing virtual slot machine created to fill every player’s expectations.

In Playtech’s portfolio you will be able to find an enormous range of slot machines, from the most unconventional reels to the traditional 5 x 3 grids, covering most of the tastes available in the audiences. Also, they have been inspired many times by superheroes, movies, celebrities and sports personalities to develop their games.

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What We Love

There are not many things to love about the game just yet, since there is not much information about the game (or the other upcoming titles) out there. However, there might be a couple of things that has us a little bit intrigued, like the special features we will be able to find in the game and how the company will manage to improve its playability.

As you probably might know already, the developers have been working in a new platform that allows the players to access every Playtech slot machine with the same account and wallet. This might lighten up the player’s work when it comes to playing in different devices. The best news is that the only slot machine that will feature this new Omni-channel will be Tiki Paradise at first. We believe this will be Playtech’s way to test this new platform.

Another thing that we are excited about is finding out whether Playtech is working in a new user’s interface or not, since it was missing from the reel in the promotional video. We have the theory they might be working in a new touchscreen-optimized interface. Don’t take our word for it. This is only a hypothetical theory.

What We Do Not Like

There is not much to say here, since we know almost nothing about this new title, but, if you are not new to my reviews you would know that I personally don’t like the use of the traditional 9, 10, J, Q, K and A cards in my reels and these were spotted in the game’s preview. I believe there are many elements the developers should take from their themes to discard these old symbols.

Worth Playing?

Again, we have almost nothing about this game, but, it is safe to say that we are certainly excited about it. We hope Tiki Paradise will be full with new groundbreaking features, as Playtech is best known for always improving their game with beautiful design, fun playability and great profitability.

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