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April 12, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

bloopers slot logoIn this showbiz driven society there has been a culture of praising the hollywood stars and wanting to understand everything in their lives, including if the paparazzi trespassed private property.

This urge of Hollywood knowledge leads to the fact that they’re basically two types of stars. One, in front of the camera and other backstages. There has been several disappointments after knowing the true self of some stars in their “public” private lives.

Knowing this fact, Elk Studios took a hilarious approach to reveal this subject with their last online slot machine game called Bloopers. A title based in all of those outtakes that happen in a daily basis in Hollywood in a 5 reel and 243 payline (wait, What? Two hundred forty three? Have I lost my mind?) that counts with incredible features that truly enhances the experience of playing this game.

Meet the 5 Bloopers characters Cutter, Make Up, Jetpack, Sound Tech and Stunt Man. All of these are highly underwhelmed professions in the so called show business. They actually live in the shadows of the stars but in a funny spin-off they will be our stars of this game.

What We Love

These 5 characters are the show, in every sense and they come with a feature designed just for them. The Bloopers characters can appear in any given moment of the game, even simultaneously, They can trigger depending of which one from expanding wilds, falling symbols, extra Free spins, Random Wilds and Symbol Shuffles. Talking about diversity and incredible gameplay.

Like I said before this is a very funny approach. But they did an excellent product. The first thing that captures a potential client is the visual graphics and these ones are incredible.

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The choice of symbols such as a handsome actor or an actress with the 5 characters alongside a film reel, clapperboard and the classic 10 through ace cards is very well escorted with the music.

In the core of every slot it has to have Free Spins Bonus rounds, because we, as players, love to play freely and basically the actor or actress can turn into sticky wilds. And we get lots of spin action. Also the Bonus start may trigger some Free Spins.

What We Don’t Love

This a well thought game, in every sense. But is appealing to a certain type of players and lacks the interaction to attract the other half of players.

There are some adrenaline junkies out there that aren’t going to be very pleased with this title. They’re trends in this market pointing out that there is an specific group of people that likes slots but they rather play something more interactive. I wish there were more companies trying to gain them.

Worth Playing?

Of course, an excellent game in every sense. The slot machines have a trifecta of things to be a really good game: Layout and design, good earnings and special features with an innovative twist. And the folks at Elk Studios did a fantastic job trying to achieve an excellent product in every part of this equation.

The layout is incredible, the design of symbols and reels is absolutely flawless and the music is just unbelievable. The features of this game are really well balanced and adds an innovative approach to this business.

In a crowded market the key is to differentiate your product and the whole theme, the design and features is the way Elk studios have done it. The revenues at the end of the year are going to be there, is a gift for the companies that know how to work and how to excel in their products. A lesson to all of us. Enjoy it!

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