NextGen Launched Witch Pickings Mobile Slot

March 21, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments


witch-pickings-slot-logoNextGen Gaming is one of the world’s leading independent supplier of games in gambling industry, according to their official web site (and the public knowledge). This company has just launched a game that make certain resemble of the famous and classical story The Wizard of Oz.

The game give us the feeling of living a modern version of this famous and iconic story for several generations. With the design and the selection of three charming,young and beautiful witches as main characters, Witch Pickings is a 5 reel and 35 payline online slot machine that provides us a game full of fun, interaction and other main features that I will mention later.

What We Love

NextGen Gaming has just done an excellent effort in the developing of Witch Pickings. This effort pays off with the positive opinions that we have of the game, because they have been extremely accurate in terms of reading the market trends in order to deliver great games to its fanbase, and they will be glad with this choice of theme and the interactions in it.

First, the design is extremely well-done in my opinion. The background of the mainscreen resembles a kind of forest that increase to you the sensation of living inside the story. The design of the symbols is great too, they have selected some principal elements of this kinds of stories and mixed with the classical K, Q, J symbols. The aspect of the three witches and of the whole game is so dazzling and flashy.

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Secondly, I have to admit that the interaction with players was achieved successfully by NextGen Gaming. They made very cool bonus extra games. For example, if you get 3 or more witch scatter symbols you will be able to select 3 feature games.

The rewards and the dynamic change depending of the witch you select. For example, if you pick the green witch, she will offer the chance of playing All Wins Multiplied, Pays Both Ways and some Extra Free spins. And we all love extra free spins, this is something developers have understood over the past years, and this is no exception.

We can conclude that Witch Pickings collect the main features and items that an online slot machine needs for considering as a game worth noting: tremendous design, interactive games, opportunities for increase your money, quality software and security.

What We Don’t Love

This is not a game for high rollers, they will be extremely disappointed with the amounts this game is paying in their jackpots. A misere 1000$ jackpot is not a good way to lure this gamblers into your game. But, for the rest of us, that privilege entertainment and interactions over jackpots. This is something we could afford to let it go. There are several ways to earn massive earnings without a sole jackpot.

Worth Playing?

Of course. Witch Pickings is a game that definitely you have to try. NextGen Gaming has included in their large portfolio a game that meet key factors for every online slot machine. This game is funny, you won’t be bored at all, the interaction is well accomplished with the bonus and extra games that Witch Pickings include.

The earnings are really good if you bate several wins, which makes it a lot more addictive than those massive jackpots games. Even when the selection of the theme couldn’t be the best or the most original, they made an astonishing slot machine,that I have to include this as one of my top favorites releases this year. I would highly recommend Witch Pickings, check it out!

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