Play’n Go Launched Cloud Quest Mobile Slot

March 21, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

cloud-quest-slot-logoCloud Quest, Play’n Go’s new epic fantasy slot machine, is finally out. This 5×5 reel slot features a great design, very reminiscent of Final Fantasy, that beloved Japanese RPG franchise from Square Enix. It features characters that fit right into the typical FF fare, like a spiky-haired protagonist with an absurdly large sword, and a mage with a pointy hat and obscured face.

The traditional reel symbols like 9, 10, J, Q, K, & A are replaced by original designs that fit the overall theme, like swords, shields, the characters in the party, magical potions, and so on. This gives Cloud Quest a much more fitting ambiance, making the overall game feel just a tad bit less like a gambling machine.

However, it should be noted that the similarities with FF don’t end just at the visual. Cloud Quest is also, in its own way, an RPG game. Players will have a character to be leveled up during gameplay, so you’ll have a little extra to feel invested in the game.

Play’n Go has combined elements from two of its previous titles here, Energoon and Nordic Heroes, features that weren’t really combined before, but that do work fantastically together.

Play’n Go may not have the same resonance for online casino players like Net Entertainment or Microgaming, well established giants with over 20 years of experience, but this casino supplier has managed to make a name for itself. They develop titles for mobile devices, gaming terminals and websites, the most common strategy for big players in the industry nowadays.

What we Love

The feature that we enjoy the most is the one taken from Nordic Heroes, the RPG elements during free spins. Bonus spins in this game are actually battles, where you face monsters in order to gain experience and rewards. You play on a reduced set of reels, a three reel, one line affair just like the old-timey slot machines of yore. Gaining experience increases the difficulty of the foes to be faced, but it also increases the quality of the rewards you’ll get during free spins.

The other feature, the one taken from Energoons, is also a fantastic addition to this game. Wild symbols in Cloud Quest do not show up during regular spins, like most other games.

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Instead, after getting a winning combination, the middle symbol in that combo will turn into a wild symbol, bolstering your chances to get more winning combos (and more money, of course).

The game’s visual design is very, very, good; much better than the usual cartoonish artwork in most virtual slot machines. The artwork in Cloud Quest manages to be youthful and energetic without being childish or ridiculous. The animations are really good, and they don’t end up being annoying or silly. The aesthetics of  Cloud Quest are fantastic.

What We Do Not Like

We find this game to be fantastic, very, very good. However, we have two main dislikes about it. First of all, although we love the game’s RPG elements, we would have much preferred to have seen them involve a bit more player input to them.

A simple Rock – Paper – Scissors type of game would have been fantastic for the battles instead of the reduced set of reels. The other thing we don’t love about this game is its relatively low jackpot of 500 coins. Sure, you can set coin values very high, but that doesn’t quite compensate.

Worth Playing?

Although Cloud Quest won’t turn your life around with an extravagant jackpot, it is innovative enough to deserve a chance by any player out there, especially those tired of the relative monotony of virtual slot machines.

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