NetEnt Launched Motörhead Mobile Slot

March 12, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

maxresdefault-300x169The third installment in the NetEnt Rocks series has been announced: Motörhead. The legendary band is getting its very own virtual slot machine. Is that surprising? Expected? Honestly, it’s not something we had ever considered, not even when we speculated as to which would be the third title in the NetEnt Rocks series.

Having secured the licensing rights for Motörhead slot machine does have the slight wiff of the cash grab given how recently Lemmy Kilmister passed away, we have to admit. Having an appealing and/or interesting theme, in slot machines, is the best way to draw in potential players.

Using an established name such as Motörhead, Jimi Hendrix (the second title in the series) or Guns N’ Roses (the first) is definitely a surefire way to attract more players, far more than any of the more generic themes (like faux-Irish imagery of leprechauns and shamrocks, or the endless variations of the “cute animals” theme).

Regardless of the purity of their intentions, no company is exempt from profit motivations, and it is not something to scorn. After all, we do not eat because of the baker’s benevolence, and certainly we do not enjoy slot machines due to the charitable nature of gambling enterprises.

Net Entertainment, the company behind the NetEnt Rocks series, was founded back in 1996. They are one of the leading software providers for the online casino industry. The NetEnt Rocks series is intended to be a tribute to 20th century rock legends. There are three confirmed titles in the series, with no declared plans to expand it, yet.

The titles are: Guns N’ Roses (released earlier this year), Jimi Hendrix (due April), and Motörhead, which is due to be released in September this year. Given how successful Guns N’ Roses was for Net Entertainment, and how likely is it that the same success will apply to the other two in the pipeline, it is not a unfounded idea to think that Net Entertainment won’t find itself intending to acquire licensing rights from more artists, in order to continue the success of the NetEnt Rocks line.


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What We Love

Since there isn’t much information available in this game, there isn’t much to say that we like. We like the theme, certainly, but without info on the actual game, we can’t do much more than throw around some educated guesses at you.
Based on Guns N’ Roses, the series’ precursor, we can predict some of the features that will most likely be present in this new installment of the NetEnt Rocks series.

Expanding wild symbols, which can fill up entire reels and some neighboring windows is one of the nicest special features out there. However, what shone the most in Guns N’ Roses are its two minigames: Bonus Wheel and Crowd Pleaser. Bonus Wheel replaces the bonus rounds of any other game: collect scatter symbols, and you’ll enter the bonus round. Here, however, you are not playing a slot machine anymore, but rather a roulette game.

You can win things like free spins and the like. If you land the roulette on a Crowd Pleaser symbol, you’ll be taken to that minigame. Crowd Pleaser is a simple selection game, where you pick out items based on sound cues. We can expect, confidently, to see these features implemented in one way or another at release date.

What We Do Not Like

We are a bit wary that the three games in the series might end up being simple reskins of the same underlying game. We still do not know if that will be the case, but we believe it is a reasonable fear.


There isn’t much out there on this game yet, not much other than “Motörhead” and “due September”. Nonetheless, we are confident this will be a great, well received game upon its release in September.

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