NetEnt Launched Drive: Multiplayer Mayhem Mobile Slot

January 31, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

drive-multiplier-mayhem-slot-logoNetEnt got their players used to very good games and this one won’t be the exception. Driver: Multiplayer Mayhem is an adrenaline rush, based on street racing at night you will be quickly hooked by it if you enjoy fast animations and fancy cars. It only offers 15 lines but tries to make up for it with very cool looking special features that were designed to fit on the theme of the game perfectly. One of the features could even let you get a 120x multiplier. That’s why the core of the game is based on multipliers, aim for those WILD symbols and enjoy the results!

What We Love

The animations are awesome! The game is designed to look just like a console racing game, that means you’ll see your car (and luckily not the one of the guy you’re racing against) storming in the night down a street, while some very nice tunes set the mood of the race. All the items at your disposal fit in the art of the game, with the competitors you race against appearing in the reel alongside multipliers in the shape of speedometers and Nitro symbols that unlock free spins. The designs of every little detail in the game is much appreciated, from the cars you and your opponent use to the opponent themselves, it all looks very mesmerizing.

The Wilds are great fun since they pool their multipliers together when they appear on the same payline, you can get a 120x multiplier if you combine 4 Wild symbols. Wilds are also useful when you get your hands on some Nitro Symbols, playing free spins is a great advantage because of the amount of Wilds at your disposal.

Drive multiplier mayhem slot screenshot

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What We Do Not Like

There are two things that I dislike about this game, first I think it could be annoying for players used to more traditional Slot Machines, the fast moving action (even when it is awesome) got me a little bit confused at the beginning. Second, you depends too much on the multipliers, the general prizes are a bit low, having only 15 paylines on the 5 reels means fewer chances of a winning combination each round. A game where you need multipliers to have a decent return should consider getting more paylines, since there are other options in the market with more advantages for players.

Worth Playing?

If you are bored of the same old Slot Machines that don’t do much you will have tons of fun with Drive: Multiplayer Mayhem and the awesome environment it builds, the design of the theme will capture you while your head moves to the beat of the very cool soundtrack it adds to the mix.

The thrill of racing cars while aiming for the jackpot is an entertaining experience, you will not be bored for a minute, every time you spin you will race a tough looking guy or a skilled girl, making a good combination even more enjoyable since you also win the race and advance to the next pilot, how far can you get?

NetEnt is almost always a certain bet, once again they have proved their customer base is no accident. This game is above average from a design standpoint for it bewilders you with it’s animations that, for my standards, make up for the little multiplier dependence and low prizes rate.

If you prefer a well balanced Slot Machine and you don’t care about the looks, this might not be the one for you, since there are better options in the market that may not look as cool but will give you more of an edge.

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