Microgaming Launched Win Sum Dim Sum Mobile Slot

March 8, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

Win Sum Dim Sum slot logoBrought by Microgaming this is one of the two most recent upcoming releases by the company (along with Bar Bar Black Sheep). For this title Microgaming was inspired, as you might probably think, in the traditional Chinese food, specially the Dim Sum. The graphic design featured in Win Sum Dim Sum is all about the Chinese culture everywhere featuring a set of 5 x 3 reels full of Chinese dishes, along with the traditional J, Q and K cards with a Chinese-like style.

Besides of being based with a set of 5 x 3 reels, Win Sum Dim Sum has 9 different paylines to help you hit the combinations right.

The video slot machine developer company Microgaming is one of the oldest ones in the industry with a trajectory of over 20 years now. Just last year, the company rewarded the second biggest progressive jackpot ever: 13 million pounds to one lucky player. The world record Microgaming hit was only possible because of their Mega Moolah slot network and its progressive jackpot.

What We Love

When talking about online video slot machines, the aesthetics (graphic design) and the theme is what attract the players, but the special features in it is what make them stay.

The visuals in this game are quite decent, since it features a colorful bright layout with symbols that stick to the theme and the animations are just as good. Nothing too out of the ordinary, even though the theme is.

The most important feature worth talking about in Win Sum Dim Sum is the Expanding Wilds. This feature might not be that original, thus we have already seen it in other video slot machines. The Wilds symbols in this game are Bamboo Steamers to make it fit with the Chinese food theme.

Win Sum Dim Sum slot screenshot big

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Every time you make a combination with three or more of theme, these wilds will expand vertically taking over the entire reel to help you land bigger wins through bigger and better combinations. Quite different from the regular reels we are already too used to see in the video slot machines nowadays, these wilds make the set of reels more exciting since this Bamboo Steamers not only cook dumplings, but also great amount of winnings.

These wilds, or Bamboo Steamers, have even more to offer, since they are also available for you in the Free Spins. They will show up in the second, third and fourth reel. If you land a combination with these three reels, the three of them will become Bamboo Steamers. Imagine all the earnings you will be able to have with just one free spin only. This feature improves the chances of earning a lot of money if you feel lucky enough.

As if all of that was not enough, Microgaming has set a jackpot of 30,000 pounds to the luckiest Win Sun Dim Sum players. It is a decent amount to compete with other jackpots in the market, but not enough to make it outstanding.

What We Do Not Like

The game not only has a boring out-of-the-random theme, but it also has too common features. The Expanding Wilds and the Free Spins can help you earn a lot, but that does not make this a good game.

Yes, this game might be as boring as it looks, but if you are all about the winnings (and you have a love for Chinese food) you could get a lot from this one here.

Worth Playing?

Even though the theme looks like something someone came up with while ordering Chinese take-out over the phone, the game looks kind of fun and I will give it that. Since the profitability in this one and the amount of combinations you can make across the different paylines are great, I will certainly give this game a shot, and I personally think you should do the same.

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