Microgaming Launched Serenity Mobile Slot

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serenity-slot-logoChinese lanterns are very popular decorations that are not only traditional but also great signs of luck. People who want to get more out of these lanterns can certainly have fun with the Serenity mobile slot.

The Serenity mobile slot is designed with a heavy Chinese influence all around. This is a game that offers plenty of good bonuses that will give a player a great chance at winning something sizeable.

About the Game

This game has a rather simplistic layout as it just has fifteen lines on it. The fact that players can bet as little as one cent on each line makes it a hit among bargain players although people could bet up to two dollars on each line if they feel like it. This game has a setup that offers poker-style symbols to go alongside the symbols that feature lanterns and other classic Asian symbols.

The game’s Lantern Bonus symbols are particularly the most important ones. While a player can indeed get free spins and multipliers off of other features around the mobile slot, this game offers a better total payout through the Lantern Bonus.

Bonus Game Feature

The Lantern Bonus will be triggered on the Serenity mobile slot when a player gets three or more of the corresponding symbols on the screen at a given time. This bonus will provide a player with a better shot at winning something huge as it takes the player to a special screen where a series of assorted hanging lanterns are found.

The player has to choose from a series of lanterns all around the screen. The key is to pick the right lanterns in order to win something great on the slot. A player needs to get the right ones chosen to get the largest payouts although the values on all of these will vary based on whatever the player chooses to go after. The strong feature here makes for a thrilling part of the Serenity mobile slot as it lets players go after some of the biggest potential payouts around, thus making for something that payers are bound to enjoy trying for.

serenity slot screenshot

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How it Compares

The biggest part of the Serenity mobile slot that makes it different from other games is that it has one of the largest maximum non-progressive payouts that anyone can go after. This game offers a maximum payout of 240,000 coins on the most valuable spin. This in turn gives the player a big total that will thrill anyone.

Where to Play

People looking to play with the Serenity mobile slot can go out to the Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos. These are both noteworthy casinos that have some great payouts for players to have fun with thanks to the vast variety of different games for all to explore and use.

The two casinos also have special bonuses where players can get up to $200 in free money off of a first deposit plus ten free spins. The casinos also have some VIP bonuses and smaller weekly bonus offers for all players to become eligible for as they keep playing around the place.