Microgaming Launched Pretty Kitty Mobile Slot

May 2, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

pretty kitty logoMicrogaming has a new, upcoming game in the pipeline, Pretty Kitty. Yes, it is yet another cat themed slot machine, setting itself apart from its brethren by having plenty of sparkly and shimmering 3D effects. There are four touched up photos of cats, which are the protagonists of sorts.

Microgaming did not make this clear, but it seems that the cats have names, Opinionated, Smart, Stylish and Pampered. This could just be a number of adjectives thrown in the video for flavor, we are not sure. Either way, the game’s design is evidently gaudy. It is so gaudy, in fact, that it looks like the sort of thing put together by a nutty cat lady with poor taste, or some game designer’s idea of how to target slot machines to the nutty cat lady demographic.

Microgaming, Pretty Kitty’s developer, boasts of having launched the world’s first online casino back in 1994. They have since expanded their product line to include a bunch of different gambling software, like casino games and online betting platforms.

In over two decades, Microgaming has amassed a portfolio of over 800 games. This very impressive number hinges on releasing at least a couple of games per month. This extra pressure to keep churning out games means that, from time to time, a less than impressive title will see the light.

What We Love

Based on the promotional material, we see very little to be excited about with Pretty Kitty. The main thing here (and dare we say, the only thing here) is the special features packed in this feline extravaganza. These aren’t too exciting, nor too original, but it would certainly make this game palatable, at the very least.

The game will have a free spin mode, triggered by landing scatter symbols, just like in most other games. In these free spin modes, wild symbols and regular symbols will expand. Regular symbols will seemingly expand if they are clustered, making you land bigger combinations. It is unclear if wild symbols will only expand on free spin modes, or if they will do so as well during regular play.

pretty kitty slot screenshot big

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What We Do Not Like

The game’s theme looks gaudy and unoriginal. Dare I say, the world does not really need another cat themed slot machine. Yes, cats are the kings of funny pictures on the internet. We’ve all laughed at some cat being cute, or failing to land properly after a jump, or chasing a laser pointer. This does not necessarily mean that “cats” would be a good theme for a slot.

Add to this the fact that the overall design is atrociously gaudy and bordering ridiculous, and you end up with a regretfully garish and uninspired theme. Maybe you are a cat fan, and you find my words offensive; if so, I apologize, tastes are a personal thing. Nonetheless, you might end up proving my point from the first paragraph.

A less than inspiring theme is quite often offset by a nice set of special features. What we have seen in the promo materials does look nice, but we’re not sure if it will be enough to save this cat themed disappointment from itself.

Worth Playing?

We cannot cast full judgment until we’ve had the chance to play this game, as you might expect. Nonetheless, this game does not inspire a lot of excitement in us, to be honest.

The theme looks unoriginal and uninspiring, with a garishly gaudy execution. The special features in this game do look fun and entertaining, but they are not very innovative, nor do we think they will prove to be fun and exciting enough. We will try this game once it’s out, but we’re not too excited about it.

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