Microgaming Launched Dragon Dance Mobile Slot

January 31, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments


dragon-dance-slot-logoMicrogaming’s new game, Dragon Dance, is a new video slot based on the Chinese New Year, the millennial celebration that centers around rituals to obtain good fortune. With costumes, dances and rituals the colorful tradition have always been a recurring theme on slot games.

If you are going to do something that has been done a thousand times you better add something different, and Microgaming did it in the form of the respin button which replaced paylines, this special feature lets you spin one reel at a time, increasing the odds of a good combination.

Dragon Dance also includes a scatter symbol, design as a fireworks box, if you get three of them on the reels you reap the amazing reward of 15 free spins and it will also triple the game’s prizes. The last feature of the game is the traditional scatter symbol that can be used to replace regular symbols on the reels, very useful in a game that does not use paylines.

What We Love

What makes this game different from the rest is a feature you don’t usually find on video slots, the respin button. There is one respin button under each of the five reels, every time you spin using the regular spin button at the bottom right corner of the screen you get the chance to try your luck again, respinning only one reel. This gives you the opportunity to make a good combination or to improve one you already had.The value of each respin button varies depending on the odds of getting a good reward, if you already have a good combo but you think you can get a better one, the respin will be expensive, whilst if you respin while having no combinations the respin will be very cheap.

The Firework scatter and Wild symbols described before are another key element of the game, they will come in handy when respinning. Specially if you get a free spin move, in this mode you can even triple the profits with a little bit of luck.

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What We Do Not Like

The game relies on the respin too much, it’s the only way to interact with the slot other than the regular spin button and placing your bet, it’s interesting no doubt but it could have used some other features we have seen in other Microgaming titles.

The theme have been used a lot on the slot machines industry, Dragon Dance’s design is not bad but using regular A, J, Q, K, 9, and 10 cards instead of themed symbols with animations makes it pale in comparison to similar video slots.

Worth Playing?

Despite giving the game a lot of stick because of the theme, the respin button is a feature that makes this game enjoyable since it’s not that common, there aren’t many new things that can be done to reinvent slot machines, that’s why I think finding something different is reason enough to try and play a new title. Not to mention the 243 ways to win this game provides, that possibility complements the respin button perfectly since you know there are several ways to get a good combo with only one respin.

Yet, after a while the game becomes pretty repetitive and boring, I have come to enjoy more interesting titles like Holmes And The Stolen Stones.

If you have played other titles which feature the respin button I would not recommend this game, if you did I bet you have also played tons of chinese themed slot machines, besides the respin button this game does not add anything new and the design is not jaw dropping.

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