Microgaming Launched Bar Bar Black sheep Mobile Slot

March 8, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

bar bar black sheep logoBar Bar Black Sheep is perhaps the simplest, most retro virtual slot machine out there, dare I say. It has three reels, and one payline. This is nothing like the fancy newfangled games you might be playing these days. This game theme revolves around a play of words with the classic nursery rhyme, Baa Baa Black Sheep.

You won’t be collecting any wool for any master or dame other than yourself in this game, though. The visual design is, just like the entire game, very simple. The reel symbols are: the traditional bar symbols (like in the game’s title), the white sheep, a wool bag, and the titular black sheep (which is also a wild symbol here).

Microgaming, the game’s developer, is one of the biggest pioneers of the igaming industry. They assert the claim that they launched the world’s very first online casino back in 1994, twenty two years ago. Think about that, there are people who can legally gamble in their casino that are younger than Microgaming’s first online casino.

That’s very impressive, all things considered. Microgaming was in the news recently, after its progressive jackpot Mega Moolah payed out the giant sum of thirteen million pounds in October 2015. That jackpot is available in all of Microgaming’s Mega Moolah titles. As you might suspect, Bar Bar Blacksheep is not a Mega Moolah title, so no multi-million jackpots here, sadly.

Microgaming, it should be noted, is not only a developer of slot machines. They also have created all kinds of other gambling software, from roulettes to card games. They actually run one of the most important online poker networks, the MPN (which used to stand for Microgaming Poker Network, until it got the same retooled that befell Kentucky Fried Chicken a few years ago).

What We Love

This is a simple game. Honestly, this thing’s simplicity is its biggest selling point. There are no overly complicated game mechanics, no dazzling free spin rounds with endless free spins and spastic bonuses. Sometimes, I just want to hit spin a couple of times, and relax a little. Bar Bar Blacksheep fills in that role perfectly. No frills, no dancing cartoon characters, no flying sparkles. Just the reels and Lady Luck (and, you know, the sheep).

However, this game is not entirely devoid of the special feature bug. It does have a nice little bonus to its only “special” mechanic. Black sheep, the wild symbol in Bar Bar Blacksheep, work also as a 3x multiplier. That means that every time you land a combo with a black sheep symbol, your winnings for that spin are tripled. Like everything else about this game, this feature is simple and straightforward.

bar bar black sheep screenshot big

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What We Do Not Like

Bar Bar Blacksheep’s simplicity is a double edged sword. We may feel like playing something simple, just for fun, from time to time, but this game’s Spartan simplicity can feel… lackluster at times. Simple here is a feature, not a bug, so there’s not that much to complain about it.

There is one thing that we are not crazy about this game, period, and that is its theme. Sheep? Really? The whole thing is based on a pun, and the visuals are, well, underwhelming. The game’s visual design is just dated. Sure, it’s not the newest game out there, but even upon release this game’s visuals must have looked, well, bad.

If this game had a late- nineteenth century aesthetic to it, like the American frontier, or something like that, it would definitely be our favorite game. Not every slot machine needs to look like its visuals were lifted from a kid’s cartoon show.

Worth Playing?

If you want a simple slot machine experience, with no frills and not that many thrills, this is the game for you. Don’t play this game if you’re thinking of becoming a rich person after a couple of spins; play this game if you just want to gamble a little and have some fun. Stay away if you’re after dancing fairies and sparkly visual effects.

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