Link It All Up for Potentially Huge Payouts in Gamevy Slot

September 23, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

the-linkComing this month in a galaxy near us it the Link video slot by United States-based developer Gamevy, a futuristic, galactic title revolving around a familiar theme portrayed in a game of tic-tac-toe, or noughts and crosses if you know it by that name.

The two games share plenty of similarities in the gameplay itself as your aim is the same – to link up matching symbols in any of the 8 possible combinations on a 3-reel and 3-row playing grid.

Background and setting is different though as the Link takes you from the paper to a galaxy far away, in a visually appealing space backdrop. Another important difference is the number of symbols available, since the Link slot will have you play with more than just X and O.

What We Love

United States-based game developers Gamevy decided to go full minimalism for their brand new slot and we salute the decision.

The Link is unlike other games we usually get, deprived of a reel grid in its usual sense. Three rows and columns are floating in deep space on an astrological background, which comes as a huge refreshment to colourful titles we usually get.

The entire futuristic feel to the Link video slot is achieved through fitting soundtrack that will help those 3D symbols give you a feeling you are in deep space for real.


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Upon every hit to the spin button the symbols become alive, dropping below in erratic fashion, which only enhances the dramatic look to the game. Visual detail are wonderfully thought through with Wild Star turning each symbol in a winning combination match its yellow colour.

Control grid fits the futuristic and minimalistic look to the entire game with its translucent apparel. Another great touch is that it is placed on the right side of the screen, making the Link different to other games in this aspect as well.

As for the game’s features itself, we must say that we are pleased with the game’s affordability. Available from $1 to $10 bet range, the Link could draw attention from both casual players and high rollers, who can hope of hefty wins with reasonable stake.

Considering the game’s simplistic look, the Link’s $50,000 as a maximum win is another great aspect to this slot.

What We Do Not Like

While talking about the game’s features, we must say that we have been pretty disappointed by the total lack of special features and bonus modes. We are not exaggerating, the Link’s creators failed to provide a single feature that would add to the volatility of this game.

We do understand the idea to create a minimalistic, futuristic game of noughts and crosses and be in accordance to the original game’s simplicity, but that decision could come back to haunt Gamevy. No Free Spins, no Multipliers, not even a single Scatter is just too much for us to handle.

Lack of the special features truly makes the Link slot one of a kind, but not necessarily in a good way.

Worth Playing

We are not quite sure what to make of it in the end.

We admire the efforts and courage to make a futuristic slot deprived of all things we choose to play slots for in the first place, but we simply cannot understand the total absence of special features that would entice us and make us fall in love with this aesthetically brilliant game.

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