IGT Launched Stinkin’ Rich Mobile Slot

April 18, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

stinkin-rich-slot-logoThe old casino classic from IGT is back, this time in remastered form for online platforms. You can once again help our buddy the skunk on his quest to become stinking rich, instead of just stinky. This game’s entire theme is just one gigantic pun around the expression “stinking rich”.

And just like the expression relies on the contrast between two seemingly opposite characteristics (most of us find being rich much more desirable than being stinky, I dare to say), this game’s theme relies on contrasting images as well. We have a group of smelly reel symbols that include, besides our hero skunk and his girl, rotting eggs, old cheese, fish going bad and smelly shoes.

On the other hand, we have a second group of reel symbols, the higher paying ones that feature four members of an evidently wealthy family, all looking posh and crisp, surrounded by things that signal their presumably astronomical wealth (or their taste for showing off, anyhow).

IGT, the game’s developer, is a veritable giant in the worldwide gambling industry. They started out in 1981 as suppliers for physical casinos. They grew so successful in that business that by 2011, around half of all (physical) slot machines in the United States had been built by IGT. Truly a mindboggling fact. With the advent of the internet and online casinos, IGT took the logical step and branched out into the nascent online casino supply business, and with great success.

What We Love

The first thing we really like are the games graphics. As remastered as they are, they still look very much like original retro artwork, typical of the late nineties and very early 2000’s. This is a good thing, especially for players like me, who prefer a more simple and less hectic visual experience whilst playing. You certainly won’t have every reel symbol jumping up and doing a dance amidst a shower of sparks after every measly 20 credit win you’ll get, certainly.

Stinkin Rich Slot screen big

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The Trash for Cash Bonus is perhaps my favorite feature on this game. This feature has the same appeal for me than the game’s visuals: its understated simplicity. Land three Trash for Cash symbols, anywhere on the reels, and you’ll get a multiplier between 4x and 6x. Dead simple.

This game’s free spin rounds are a bit quirky, but I really enjoy them. You don’t trigger them by landing scatter symbols, like in many other games, but instead by landing a combination of three Keys to Riches symbols. This will grant you five free spins per every pay line you activate on that combination. Considering the fact that Stinkin’ Rich has one hundred pay lines, you’ll definitely get several free spins every time you trigger this feature.

What We Do Not Like

Stinkin’ Rich’s one hundred (100) pay lines can be a double-edged sword, no doubt. Betting on all 100 can drain your balance pretty quickly, even if you only have the minimum line bet. This is something to keep in mind, but not a very disruptive fact. You just have to plan around it.

As much as I like this game’s visual simplicity, I think that this remaster was a missed opportunity to enhance this game’s looks a little bit. The user interface looks especially bare and crude, something that could have been worked on before release.

Worth Playing?

Stinkin’ Rich is a game with its own unique charm. Its theme may not be overly inspiring, and its looks are not for those who prefer flashier and shinier games, like the epileptic hazards that many developers churn out lately. If you can take the risk of betting on all 100 pay lines, and don’t mind 2D graphics, Stinkin’ Rich is definitely a must-try for you.

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