IGT Launched Nordic Heroes Mobile Slot

February 21, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

nordic-heroes-slot-logo (1)In a market full of boring titles where we are exhausted to find the same themes over and over again, IGT – International Gaming Technology – has managed to use an already used theme (as the Vikings-theme) and give it an unexpected twist.

Nordic Heroes has placed itself in the top of the video slot machines industry by having an unconventional way to play it, having said that the market is full of simplistic games. Full of special features, this must be one of my favorites.

IGT has been well-known for developing games full of surprises for their players. The company has developed a lot of popular games such as Cluedo, Monopoly, Star Wars and Cleopatra. Their strong commitment to their players have made them so popular they nowadays distribute more than half of the slot machines in the United States.

What We Love

When you keep finding the same boring traditional features over and over again when talking about slot machines, you get kind of tired from them. This is definitely not the case when it comes to Nordic Heroes. This game features a new gameplay I had never seen in all my experience with video slot machines, and we will talk about it later on.

In this title IGT have taken care of every single little detail. On a set of 5 x 3 reels we can find that the developers did not take the easy, short and most of all boring option of using the same old 9, 10, J, Q, K and A cards on the reels. The visual design that has been developed for Nordic Heroes has been spotless featuring great drawings on the reels and even the layout.

Nordic Heroes Slot Screenshot big

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Now, the new gameplay we were talking about is the Battle Bonus round, which, let me say, is a brilliant idea. Basically you will need to drive your character through the best path to defeat its foes by actually “fighting” them. Doing so you will earn experience points which will allow you further on in the game to level up to unlock perks and new characters. In this Battle round you will be able to attack, defend or even stun your enemies. The round will end once you win 3 battles or get defeated.

The whole idea of having perks for your characters or even changing them is a whole new thing in the slot machines. It kind of gives Nordic Heroes a RPG-game feel. This will definitely attract this area’s players to the game. In my humble personal opinion, this has to be one of the best video slot machines out there, and for that I have to congratulate International Gaming Technology.

What We Do Not Love

Personally I love this game. It is really hard for me to find a single bad thing about it. This game changes all we had thought about video slot machines.

There might be just one little thing I might not be too happy about. The Battle Bonus round gives you the opportunity to interact halfway with your character. Once you have been playing the game for probably more than an hour (and, of course, you have not lost all your money) you might get bored of just hitting the spin button.

But once I actually think about it, this is something present in all slot machines. Nevertheless, it would have been pretty nice to give you even more control of your character. Don’t get me wrong, this is not actually a bad thing.

Worth Playing?

I think my opinion about this game has been pretty clear. I promise you, if you play this game, you will enjoy the time you invest in it trying to unlock new characters and perks that will help you defeat all the mythical creatures you will have to face while, of course, you get some money from it.

This game is a whole new revolution in the industry that will certainly set the bar way higher making it harder for the other companies in the business to compete with IGT.

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