Have a Spin at Autumn Queen Slot by Novomatic

November 24, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

autumn-queen-logoWe mean it, do have a spin and tell us what you make of it. We seem to be quite split about this Novomatic’s latest game called Autumn Queen.

It boasts somewhat of a royal note with the Queen on forest and wildlife involved within, but it appears to be lacking the expected vigour and vibrancy that just makes us feel underwhelmed.

So let us guide you through our news article to help us reach the final verdict of this nature-loving game.

What We Love

The idea of nature, wildlife and a mystical deity taking care of all living beings in the forest is quite appealing. Add an attractive, sparsely clad woman to the mix and it would seem that you have a perfect, winning combination.

Simplicity of the design can have its appeal and one thing we are especially fond of is the fact that game controls are hidden within a pop-up button which is available on the right side of the reels. We have seen different layouts though, but that is the one that keeps appearing most regularly.


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Symbols are well chosen and highly appropriate for the theme involved, while the game’s interface gets a nice little twist during the Free Spins when piles of leaves will appear and get blown away from the reels in an exciting visual manner to reveal stacks of randomly selected symbols.

Another aspect of the game we really love are big wins. The Autumn Queen slot appears to be quite a rewarding game where the Queen symbol can reward you with whopping 100,000 credits.

What We Do Not Like

We have been rather disappointed by the lack of details when it comes to the game’s design. In an era of the technological progress, we are sure that Novomatic could have made a more visually appealing game with more details to the interface which is plain and simple and almost boringly generic.

The soundtrack is quite shockingly annoying as well. Piercing clicks and rings will surround you throughout, while the worst part occurs when you click the gamble option. A continuous ticking sound will be heard throughout it and it will be so annoying that you will be praying to lose just to get out of it as quickly as possible.

When it comes to the gameplay itself, things are not different to be honest. You should know that you need five or more Scatter symbols on the reels to launch a 5-round free spins feature which can be quite a hard thing to do.

The feature does offer additional spins every time you land another Scatter, but it is a relatively difficult to achieve in the first place.

Without multipliers of any sort and without in-game mini-features that would be of great appeal, we are sorry to label this slot title as quite uninventive.

Worth Playing?

The Autumn Queen is a 5-reel, 4-row and 40-payline game which is a timely release for all nature lovers who would want to enjoy the remainder of warm sunny days out on the open.

Wild animals and a beautiful mythical deity are there to spice it up, but it really is up to personal preference to decide whether they succeed to be of enough the appeal to have players sitting in front of the screen for more than two or three spins.

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