Get Your Mobile To Try Bicicletas By Yggdrasil Gaming

June 20, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

bicicletas-slot-logoKick the ball in the net and score more than goals in the exciting new game coming from the creative kitchen of Yggdrasil Gaming titled Bicicletas.

Game creators choose the perfect time to release their latest title with plenty of football action at different continents. Enjoy the European Championship and Copa America Centenario while playing a championship of your own in the comfort of your home with a thrilling stadium experience with potentially lucrative rewards.

What We Love

Being huge football fans as we are, this section can be pretty easy to fill. We love everything about this game and all football-related ones whether they be video slots or any other kind of a computer game. We can’t help it, football has that universal appeal with the sport enjoying huge popularity across the globe.

Visual appeal is highly interesting with 5×4 grid set across a football stadium packed with cheering fans. Symbols in the game resemble several most popular players in the game and that is another thing we will enjoy as the prospect of playing alongside someone like Messi or Ronaldo is a dream come true.

The entire visual appeal in spectacularly designed and we must say we are pretty taken aback with games appearance, but with gameplay as well. Bicicletas is a pretty straightforward game, easy to play and enjoy much like the game of football itself.

Finally, payouts in the game are pretty awesome as well and you can hope to earn as much as those players you are playing with if you get really lucky.

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What We Do Not Like

We find this section redundant in case of this particular game. It can be pretty hard to talk about negative aspects of something you hold so dearly in your heart. We have mentioned that we are huge football fans, haven’t we?

If we need to look at it from the objective point of view than we might be able to understand why anyone would find this game unattractive. Not many guys enjoy playing with diamond-themed video slots, so we guess it can be pretty hard for all the girls to enjoy bicicletas.

Another point worth reviewing is the paying system. The game is pretty affordable as you go from as low as $0.25, but those maximum bets of $100 can be a tad expensive for some gamers. Still, the game can be pretty rewarding and setting the bar to the top might reward you with serious winnings.

Worth Playing?

Again, a redundant question. Of course it is. Bicicletas is a perfect fun for all football loving gamers who can’t get enough of everybody’s favourite sport. Football is more than a game, so we reckon there is a chance that Bicicletas could achieve a cult status with sport loving gamers.

Visually impeccable, with excellent sports atmosphere and brilliantly introduced special features that can be pretty rewarding are all enough of incentives for all of you to give this top game a try. If nothing else than just for the kick of it. We guarantee, you won’t regret it.

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