Get in the Groove with Live Jazz by Genesis Gaming

October 8, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

live-jazzIf we want to talk about unique musical experiences, you can’t not mention jazz.

A mix of African and European American musical styles, it included a wide variety of instruments and spanned a period of over a hundred years, making improvisation, swing notes, and brass bands the tradition that held up even now, before eventually giving way to rock and roll as the most popular style of music in the States.

A lot of people have never even heard jazz, despite its many styles, and Live Jazz certainly works to amend that, giving you a unique vibe that remains somewhat difficult to spot in most slots which prefer to play with safer themes.

What We Love

The theme of this game made us fall in love immediately. Jazz is an amazing musical genre, and while Live Jazz will hardly give you the full thing, it serves as a nice introduction, and breaks away from established tropes in slots.

Combined with gorgeous graphics and entirely unique symbols designed around the game’s theme, it really brings home the bacon and hits it’s mark perfectly.


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The game is very flexible, allowing players from all walks of life to give it a spin. Thanks to the fact you are able to choose how much you want each payline to be worth, and adjustable bet levels, you can spin for as little as $0.01 and as much as $100 with each reel spin, giving access to just about anyone who wants to give it a go.

The sound design remains top notch. The game does not feature any background sound or music, only playing a catchy jazz tune while you spin the reels.

When you’re close to winning a bonus, the game will bring in a drumroll to hype you up, and then will turn up the music full blast when you get your free spins bonus, matching your probably just as ecstatic mood.

The bonus of this game is an amazing thing. Despite offering just one, it brings it home with full quality and knocks it out of the park. Offering you a choice of bars to see how many free spins you get, and a choice of instrument to see how many icons will be flipped into Wilds, you have potential to win big if you land the special.

Finally, the gamble feature is very well designed, and can do so much as give you 8 times your winnings if you’re really lucky. The game does cap the gamble winnings at $10,000, so high rollers may not benefit as much with this feature as others might.

What We Do Not like

With only five paylines, your winnings are more or less pretty fixed. There’s not much variation available there, despite all the bonus features and adjusting of how much each payline can pay for you.

The game could have benefitted from a quiet tune looping in the background while you aren’t spinning the reels. If you leave it running, it can feel a bit odd to have a music-themed game with no music running.

Worth Playing?

Without a doubt, yes. The flaws of the slot do nothing to dissuade from it’s strongpoints, and it has far more strongpoints than it does faults.

Regardless if you just have a few dollars or a few hundred to spend, we recommend going down to the jazz bar and giving it a few spins. It’s well worth the time and effort, and you may just win big.

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