Games OS Launched Maverick Saloon Mobile Slot

November 1, 2015 Posted in New Games by No Comments

maverick-saloon-slot-logoGames OS has released a new mobile slot called the Maverick Saloon slot. This game for Android, iPhone and iPad players is a game that features a Wild West look that features a saloon, cowboys and plenty of six-guns around the place.

This is a five-reel slot that has only nine lines on it. While the game does not look like it has too many ways to pay out, the payouts that do appear on this Android slot are very attractive and will give players some good chances to try and get the best possible wins.

This game has an organization that features wild symbols as well as some bonus symbols that can add something extra. These symbols all appear at random and can give players plenty of fun things to look out for.

About the Game

This game uses nine reels that players can choose from and also comes with betting options that are as low as five cents per line. In addition, the game has an organization that features the need to get three or more like symbols in a row from left to right. Like with just about any other iPad slot, the player needs to get the special non-poker symbols for the best possible win.

The symbols on this Android and iPhone slot include such things as a bandit, a preacher and a waitress. These are all things found in a saloon and can pay out more than most other games.

maverics saloon slot screenshot

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Special Parts

The game has wild symbols that appear all around the place. The best part of these wild symbols is that a player can get the prizes from such symbols doubled when they appear. This in turn results in some good payouts that players will certainly love to try for.

There are also some bonus symbols on this Android and iPhone slot that will bring players to a shootout game when three or more of these are revealed. The player will need to get as far into the shootout as possible in order to get a better free spin total. A player can get more than fifty free spins in some of the best cases although plenty of skills is needed in order to win on this game.

Comparison Points

The Maverick Saloon mobile slot is not as extensive as other games in terms of how a payout can come about. However, the game itself does have a good organization that offers many ways for people to win something huge. This is a game that is strongly recommended for all players who are looking for games that are challenging and yet give out the best possible rewards to those who can do well.

Where to Play

The Vegas Paradise Casino and Guts Casino are two places that have the Maverick Saloon mobile slot. These are two casinos that have some special features for all players to look for including some huge bonuses for newcomers. The Vegas Paradise Casino offers up to 100% in free money on a first deposit plus up to 10 free spins. The Guts Casino has a $100 bonus for new players plus up to 25 free spins on games assorted all around the entire game.