Games OS Launched Freaky Wild West Mobile Slot

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freaky-wild-westPrepare to witness a battle in the savage west, the only law that exists is that the stronger will remain alive, are you up to the challenge? This title is part of the Freaky series that the folks at GameOS software have been developing for a while, which I may add the theme of the Wild West is really common, for example in Freaky Bandits or Freaky Cowboys.

If you’re a fan of the “Freaky” series there is a lot you would love. The exaggerated characters and symbols are just hilarious giving you the feel of being in a cartooned version of the West, in a very 90’s vibe. The  with three different sets and a great prospective payouts.

Games OS is an incredible enterprise with tons of games and 3rd party developments throughout the industry, it is really likely that you have played one of his productions, even without being awared of it.

This huge portfolio is very well diversified, in this series the 3D design is one of their selling points. But the good question here is, can this game compete with its predecessors? Is this an stand-alone game or should I play the whole series? Let’s found out!

What We Love

The first thing to stand out is the progressive jackpot, let’s face it we are here to make money and here you can earn up to 5000 times your line bet. This only possible if you have 5 banker symbols on a line, hey I didn’t say it was easy, but it’s worth the shot.

The location was very important in those days, is not the same thing to battle in an Indian Village surrounded by Native Americans, in a Bandit Alley where all the outlaws and scums stay together to do misdeeds to loyal citizens or in the Sheriff’s Town where the respect of the law reside in the reputation of the Sheriff itself. And the way GameOs intended to do so is spectacular, you can decide with a simple button the place: Indians, Bandits and Cowboys, respectively.

Freaky Wild West slot screen big

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This location unleashes the possibility to play a special minigame,  subject to land the proper combination of course. In the Bandit Valley you play “Crack the Safes” in here you have 9 safes in front of you, you need to pick 5 and you’ll earn the gold of em. In the Sheriff’s Town you’re going to test your aim in “Shoot for the Loot” with 15 bullets and a lot of bandits to take down.

In our last location, Indian Village you have “Indian Gold” and out of 5 pots you have to pick 3 to uncover the gold, there are really good odds in all of this mini games and they match perfectly with the concept.

What We Do Not Love

Definitely the lack of wild symbols is a turn off, this is a feature that really pisses me off when it doesn’t appear. The same with free spins.

This is common in every game, and we grew to expect them. Even though the playability really makes up for it, it could improve heavily with some wilds and free spins. But I guess we can’t have everything in our lives.

Worth Playing?

Definitely, some people may think that the 3D graphics are terrible, but I suspect the whole “Freaky” series is made to be funny and hilarious not to be the next visual graphic of the century.

The minigames gives them an advantage against other games of the series. Is a terrific game with the two main things we seek in an slot machine game: High earnings and great playability, is a solid game in most aspects.

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