Enter the Jungle with Mr. Monkey Slot by Games OS

September 15, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

mr-monkey-online-slot-logoRelative newcomers in the gaming industry, a development house called Games OS have treated us all with their latest title Mr. Monkey. Your initial association is spot on, this indeed is a jungle theme with a monkey at the forefront.

This mischievous buddy takes you through the banana-collecting adventure over 5 reels, 4 columns and 50 fixed paylines. Mr. Monkey is an innocent-looking game with cartoon-like graphics and smiley faces from jungle animals all around.

The soundtrack is a perfect fit for a jungle game as you will hear birds singing and jungle animals making noise in the background, together with drums that only add suspense during your spins.

What We Love

Through the abundance of difficult and complicated slots that resemble those video games you play on your consoles, it is great to be able to relax with a straightforward, simple game from time to time.

Mr. Monkey is a positive game and that is one thing we love about it. Colourful jungle pattern, all symbols with a smile on their faces and dynamic drum beats will keep you upbeat through your spins. A simple feel to this Games OS’s game is bound to be of a huge appeal to all animal lovers and gamers who love to explore.


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Cute jungle exploration is not the only thing this game has to offer, as Mr. Monkey is filled with stacked wilds, scatters, free games and generous multiplier awards.

Your wins will be doubled whenever you land a Wild symbol inside the winning combination, while all of your Free Spins wins will be multiplied 3x, which is quite a neat touch.

When it comes to doubling Wilds, they often appear stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4, which means you could be treated to an abundance of wins with only one spin.

What We Do Not Like

Tastes are difficult to argue about, but when it comes to us, we are not big fans of somewhat childish games such as Mr. Monkey. This jungle adventure lacks a cutting edge and that spark that will make us sit down for more than two or three spins.

Not to say that it is boring, it is just that Mr. Monkey is not as innovative as it could have been. Flying butterflies and an interactive background that moves as you hover your mouse over it are simply not enough to persuade us.

More importantly, this fairly straightforward game offer little value for your money. You can get in for as little as $2.50, but the biggest stake of $200 is bound to scare off plenty of gamers you’ll get out of here thinking that Mr. Monkey is not that innocent of a game after all.

Mr. Monkey features wins that are pretty regular in the base game, but they are often too insignificant to make any difference and regularly less than what you invested so don’t be fooled into thinking that you are winning when actually you are losing money.

This game has all of the necessary features as both Free Spins and Multipliers are there, but the entire gameplay should’ve been more progressive to follow the current tides in the industry.

Worth Playing?

Despite its innocent and positive appearance, Mr. Monkey is not a game that will receive our positive verdict. We have not been left astonished by it in all departments and we are sorry to conclude that Mr. Monkey is not worthy of your time and money, more importantly.

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