Check out the newest Thunderkick release called Zoom

August 1, 2016 Posted in New Games by No Comments

zoom-slot-logoFor all of you who wondered whether it is possible to make an improvement of the classic fruit machine comes the newest Thunderkick product called Zoom.

The 2016 release is an interesting combination of an old-school fruity, modern design and some interesting special features that can be found in up-to-date video slots.

This six-reel slot with 64 ways to win is divided into six 2×2 Zoom areas crucial for triggering free re-spins and the formation of Massive Symbols and Super Massive Symbols, which may result in some hefty winnings.

What We Love

We love the fact that Thunderkick decided to improve the classic fruit machine by giving it a modern look. The overall visual appearance, although simple, is quite attractive actually due to some decent colourful graphics and an interesting soundtrack. The result is an old-school fruity with a modern twist.

The Zoom Scatter is the crucial symbol in the 2016 release, since everything revolves around re-spins. The idea of dividing this 6-reel slot into 6 Zoom areas made it simpler for gamers to form winning combinations and earn some lucrative payouts, thanks to the Wilds, Massive Symbols and Super Massive Symbols. Once you land a Zoom Scatter in one of the areas, you will trigger a free re-spin and turn that area into a Massive Symbol.

The re-spins can be retriggered by landing consecutive Zoom Scatters, and once you manage to land four consecutive Scatters into a square combination, you will be awarded with a Super Massive Symbol that occupies four entire reels.

If this occurs in first four squares, prepare yourself for some mega wins and a possible maximum payout of 1,500 times the initial bet.

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What We do not Like

Being fond of action-packed video slots , we do believe that Thunderkick could have involved an additional bonus game to make things more interesting. Even though that the Zoom Scatter appears quite often, it does not form a winning combination on regular basis, so most of our free re-spins and Massive Symbols did not result with payouts.

The Super Massive Symbol appears on the reels as often as the Halley’s Comet. After two hours of testing the game, we managed to land a single Super Massive Symbol and, even though we won plenty of money, we lost a great deal of it while trying to form the Super Massive Symbol one more time, and eventually we gave up.

Worth Playing?

Gamers who enjoy classic fruit machines will be thrilled with the latest Thunderkick product, since it is an improved fruity that offers a bit of action, but action junkies will not be satisfied with the number of special features incorporated in the Zoom video slot.

The wide betting range makes the 2016 release affordable for every player, while the maximum possible payout seems quite tempting.

Even so, do not expect lucrative payouts on regular basis, since the winning combinations can be smaller than the initial bet, while the Super Massive Symbol will appear once in every 200 spins, if you are lucky enough.

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